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Vintage & Regional


Classic Cakes from Yorkshire and Lancashire

From Lancashire to Yorkshire in the north of England, we sample traditional cakes. With recipes for gingerbread and fat rascals.

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How to Make Pancakes

Pancakes take very little preparation but offer a huge selection of choices.

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Plate of Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Classic Cakes from the Midlands

The Midlands is a rich source of baking traditions, from humble oatcakes to delicious plum bread. Try our classic recipe for Bakewell Tart and give your family a taste of British baking history!

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shortbread cookie

W.I. Favourites – Biscuits

Looking for some old-fashioned biscuit recipes? Classics like coconut pyramids, shortbread, jam and melting moments are all linked to the Women’s Institute. Famous for its baking prowess, the Institute has been providing us with home-baked treats for almost 100 years. Try one of their classic biscuit recipes and find out why.

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W.I. Favourites – Cakes

Old-fashioned cakes are back in style. And if you’re looking for vintage, it doesn’t get more authentic than W.I. recipes! Browse through an old Women’s Institute book, and you’ll find recipes that are the predecessors to our modern favourites – the names may be different, and the lard and ammonia may be out, but they’re part of our baking history!

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Classic Cakes from Wales

Wales has a rich culinary tradition. If you’d like to try baking a traditional cake recipe from Wales, try one of our favourites.

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Devonshire Splits

Classic Cakes from Devon and Cornwall

Baking has a long history in Devon and Cornwall. From cream teas to cider and saffron cakes, the region has its own share of classics. If you feel like baking something that will take you to the Regency coastline and summer orchards of Devon or Cornwall, here are two favourites from the archives!

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Fresh Ginger and fruit bread

More Cakes from the North of England

Damson tansy, singing hinny and pepper cake are traditional cakes and desserts originating in the north of England. We visit Cumbria, Northumberland and Westmorland for our traditional local recipes.

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Wartime Baking

Wartime Cake Baking

Imagine going back to a time when we didn’t have today’s huge choice of ingredients. A time when sugar, butter and eggs were rationed. How did housewives manage to feed their families during the second world war?

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