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Brand Your Business – Starting with a Great Logo

Posted 25/02/2014 by Rebecca Cannon

Logo Design Package

Brand Your Business – Starting with a Great Logo…

A great business needs a great identity. If you look professional then your clients will believe you are professional and, after all, you are delivering a well designed cake so your brand identity should reflect this. Having a great logo is the first step in establishing this strong brand image.

Whether you’ve been trading for a while and want to update your look or you’ve just started out we are the people for the job!

Let the CakeBaker design team create a professional logo just for you! Something unique that makes you stand out from the crowd and impress your clients.

At CakeBaker we are really into design – from our apps to our website and of course our logos – here are a few of our recent logo designs :

Logo Examples

What Our Customers Say…

“We love it!” Tasneem & Alefiyah, Ladybird Lab

“This is gorgeous! Thank you for so much” Marsha, Bespoke Cakes by Marsha

“Oh I love it!! It’s perfect. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it. You have one very happy customer!” Geraldine, Studio 8 Cakes

“Thank you. I love it! Love the colours and the font, the style and the flutterby :) This is an excellent service” Wendy, Flutterbies Bakery

Our Designers…

Our team of dedicated, experienced, UK based designers will create your dream logo from scratch; no off the shelf garbage here – just top quality design for bakers by bakers!

So if you need help with your branding then place an order for your logo and help improve your image… Design me a logo

What Happens Next…

Once you are happy with your logo we will supply jpeg, png and eps (original artwork) files, ready to use on all social media, websites and stationery.

First we will collect a little information from you, then our design team will get cracking. We aim to get your logo proof over to you within 10 working days, so keep an eye on your emails.

You’ll be glad to know that reasonable logo amendments and revisions are free of charge so there are no hidden costs.

14 Responses to “Brand Your Business – Starting with a Great Logo”

  1. Vicky Myers says:

    I am looking to start an at home baking company, using the name: The Tray Bakery

    I am planning to start a Facebook page, a website and use business cards in my local area. I have been baking for family and friends for a long time but now want to start my own business. However to do this I need a stand out logo that will draw in new customers and help me to sell my products. I would be really grateful if you could help me in this creation.

    Many thanks


  2. Hi I was wondering how much you charge for ur logo service
    kind regards

  3. Donna McKenna says:


    I have an idea for a logo would you be able to create it from a sketch and how lomg would it take to do as I need one asap. Also will the design be compatible to be blown up to a verticle banner size for a wedding fayre?



  4. Donna McKenna says:


    Would you be be able to create a logo from a sketch and how long would it take until I get finaldesign as I need one asap?

    Would it be able to be blown up to verticle banner size fro a waedding fayre to?


  5. Laura says:

    Is there a point after payment where I can submit a picture of how i’d like the logo

    • CakeBaker says:

      Once you have placed your order our design team will email you asking for further details :)

  6. Hi there.
    I would like to have a logo designed by you.
    I was just wondering if you can provide me few suggestions.
    Not sure what I would like.
    I thinks something like framed sign with Bebalicious Cakes inside.

    ALL suggestions welcome.

  7. caribbeanbakery says:

    Dear CakeBaker,
    We have just paid a logo design package. Could you please let us know what is the next step?
    Many thanks & Regards,

    Caribbean Bakery Milano

  8. Gemma shilton says:

    Can this be done bybthe end of a day if i have all the information

    Thanks Gemma

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