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Icing & Decorate

Chocolate cake preparation.

Crumb Coating a Cake: Step by Step

Those fabulous occasion cakes you see in cake shop windows and on our facebook page, always look so smooth and professional! The secret to a really smooth finish on a fondant topped cake is partly down to a buttercream crumb coat. Our step by step guide explains all.

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Rose cupcake

Making Fondant Roses

Moulded fondant roses look spectacular but the technique is simple to learn.

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Delicious Vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting

Sugar Free Toppings for Cakes and Cupcakes

Sugar free icings can be a challenge but these recipes make it easy to decorate cakes without using sugar-based toppings.

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Two-tiered Cake Against Pink Background

Anyone Can Ice a Wedding Cake

Icing a wedding cake sounds like a huge challenge but a simply-decorated cake made with love is easy to make and more effective than an elaborate shop-bought cake. We show you how with a real life example.

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Anyone Can Ice a Birthday Cake

Anyone with a little time and patience can ice a birthday cake. Everything you need is available ready-made; all you have to do is put it together. We show you how with a real-life example.

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Spun Sugar

Spun Sugar Techniques for Cakes

Spun Sugar is a fairy-like confection which can easily be mastered when you understand the process.

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Wedding cake details

Special Effects: Pastillage Cake Toppers

Pastillage work looks spectacular but the only real skill needed is speed – impress your family and friends with pastillage cake toppers using our tips and hints.

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Chocolate Icing and Filling

You can fill and ice almost any cake with chocolate – and why not? From a glossy glaze to a spreadable buttercream, every type of icing can be adapted to include chocolate. Chocoholics will love our icing and filling recipes…

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Fruit tartlet

Using Confectioner’s Varnish On Cake

Confectioner’s varnish is a secret ingredient used by many professional sugar artists, but it’s possible to learn the skills for your own decorated cakes too.

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Cake Decorating With Edible Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is the epitome of food extravagance and mastering the technique adds a whole new dimension to luxury cakes.

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rolled fondant

Special Effects: Wood or Marble Effect Fondant Icing

Stunning special effects can be achieved using fondant icing – here’s how to make ‘marble’ and ‘wood’ cake effects.

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Flavoured Icings and Fillings

Flavoured Icings and Fillings

From rhubarb to lavender, from mocha to Baileys, there are a hundred and one icings to spread proudly on your cakes. Here are some of our favourite icing flavours – including some unusual ideas that should inspire you to invent your own!

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Sourcing Your Cake Decorations

Want to find out where Nigella buys her tiny cupcake roses, or where to order festive marzipan models? Here’s how to make your cake a modern masterpiece, and where to find the very best decorations to pile on it!

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Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Icing Alternatives

Terrified of the piping tube? There are plenty of ways to make your cake look gorgeous – without mixing, moulding or piping. Today, anyone who can spread glue can build a pretty cake. It’s true – and here’s our guide to avoiding icing!

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Working With Your Icing

Sugarpaste, piping, plaques, fondant and trellis: when did icing become so complicated? It’s time someone demystified the most unpopular icing techniques. Read our guide, and have a go.

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Mother's Day cupcakes

Imaginative Cake Decorating

A delicious cake deserves beautiful decoration. If you’ve got a special occasion or a party coming up, why not turn your favourite cake into a jaw-dropping centrepiece?

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