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Cupcake FAQ

Posted 16/09/2013 by Rebecca Cannon


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes… people can’t get enough of their cakey goodness at the moment, us included!

So how do you create the perfect cupcake?

Well CakeBakers, no more will your cases peel from the cake, no longer will you shed a tear at your unproportionately sized cupcake, for we have the answers (well a list of very well laid out hints and tips to give you a head start anyway).

How can I prevent my cupcake cases from peeling?

In order to stop your cupcake cases from peeling you can try some of the following tips:

  • Remove the cupcakes from the tin as soon as possible.
  • Never store cupcakes in an airtight container, always use a cardboard box and store at room temperature.
  • Do not under fill your cases, cases should be filled between 1/2 and 2/3.
  • Use good quality cases, the stronger the case the better the end result.
  • If your cakes are undercooked the cases will peel, increase the cooking time slightly.
  • Chant ‘please do not peel, please do not peel, please do not peel’ We know you do this anyway!

For a guaranteed ‘peel-free’ cupcake you can use silicon cases. Once baked you can either take them out of the silicon cases and place cupcake wrappers around them, serve them without any cases or leave them in the silicon ones – just make sure your guests don’t throw them away!

If you’re still experiencing rebellious cases after trying the tips above then the problem may be that your batter is too greasy. What would cause an overly greasy batter? Well too much fat really, you may be adding too much butter or margarine into your mixture which is causing a greasy effect and thus making your cases peel away from the cake.

How Much Batter should I Put in My Cupcake Cases?

One of the most common cupcake questions we get asked is ‘How high should I fill the cases?’ Here at Cakebaker HQ we recommend filling your cases 1/2 full for a flat top cupcake and 2/3 full for a domed cupcake.

How Long Can I Store My Cupcakes For?

If you manage to stop yourself from devouring the batch in the first 10 minutes then iced and decorated cupcakes will stay fresh for 3-4 days as long as you store them correctly. A storage ‘no no’, is to put cupcakes in the fridge (hang your head in shame if you do this) as the cold air will make the sponge dry hard and the delicious buttercream icing crusty, bleugh!

Do Cupcakes That Contain Cream Cheese Need to go in the Fridge?

Our survey says…Yes, cupcakes that contain cream cheese, in the icing for example, need to be refrigerated when storing (I know we said before that it is a sin to put cupcakes in the fridge but you get a free pass to do so when cream cheese is involved). Before serving, be sure to let your yummy creations sit at room temperature for a couple of hours.

How do I Make a Fondant Dome For My Cupcake?

Making fondant domes couldn’t be easier! All you need is some fondant and a 76mm round cutter. Just follow these 3 simple steps :

  • Bake and cool your favourite cupcakes, then spread a thin layer of buttercream icing over the top of them.
  • Next, take your fondant and roll it out so it’s about 4mm thick then take your cookie cutter and cut out a circle of your icing.
  • Place your fondant on top of the buttercream, taking care when smoothing it down.

Tar Dar, dome complete…now stand back and admire!

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  1. Gaynorlou says:

    Generally, Ive found foil cases are much less likely to ever peel than paper cases

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