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Mother's day cupcake bouquet

An Easy Peasy Guide to the Perfect Cupcake Bouquet

Want to try something different with your cupcakes? How about a Cupcake Bouquet? It’s easier than you think and it looks beautiful…and it makes the perfect mother’s day gift or valentine’s gift!

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

A scrumptious Red Velvet recipe that is simply too good to be true! With their moist slightly chocolatey sponge and sumptuous cream cheese topping these delightful little cupcakes are a small piece of heaven!

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Cupcake FAQ

Do you know how much batter to put in your cases? Do you know how to store cupcakes? Do you know how to stop your cases from peeling? No…well we do! So read on bakers and discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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The Perfect Giant Cupcake Recipe

Our delicious giant cupcake recipe is sure to fill your guests with awe (and heavenly taste)…what are you waiting for, get the oven on!

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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice cream cone cupcakes are sure to impress the kids and we think they’re adaptable for adults too. They’re not hard to make with our easy to follow recipe and tips.

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Chocolate cupcake

Chocolate Cupcakes

Two delicious recipes for chocolate cupcakes as well as recipes for chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache, milk chocolate cream cheese and white chocolate fudgey icing.

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Lemon-Lime Cupcake with Fruit

Decorating Your Cupcakes

When it comes to decorating cupcakes, throw away the rulebook and try some of our exciting new ideas – crumble-topped cupcakes, zesty lemon cupcakes, or caramel-centred cupcakes – because cupcakes are all about experimentation!

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Rose cupcake

The Classic Cupcake

How to ensure the classic cupcakes you make are the best they can be. We go back to basics and talk ingredients, method and icing, as well as a little about the history of the classic cupcake.

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Whipped chocolate cream

Cupcake Icing Ideas

The best cupcake icing is simple to prepare and delicious to taste. It should complement the cupcake rather than overwhelm it. We have recipes for buttercream and cream cheese icing as well as advice on how to ice a cupcake.

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Cupcakes for Grown-ups – Three Variations

Cupcakes are perfect for any occasion. So spoil your friends – and yourself – with these delicious cupcakes with their grown-up flavours of coffee, rich chocolate, lime and coconut.

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Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Lemon meringue cupcakes are tangy, intensely sweet and make an impressive dessert or special occasion treat.

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Easy Vanilla & White Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes are easy to make and delicious to eat and this vanilla and white chocolate recipe pleases the whole family.

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Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

Chocolate truffle cupcakes are an indulgent treat with a sophisticated flavour.

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More Children’s Cupcakes

Bring the children into the kitchen for an afternoon and start their culinary education early. Here’s a selection of recipes for your children to try baking and decorating!

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Gourmet Buttercream Cupcake -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

Dinner Party Cupcakes

Ever since Nigella introduced us to her glamorous lavender-topped version, the cupcake has become an acceptable end to even the fanciest of dinners. Just choose from the selection of chic ideas below, and your guests will be utterly charmed.

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Birthday party table setting with food

Cupcakes for Children

Some simple recipes for cupcakes suitable for children. Your kids will love these easy to make and fun to decorate cupcakes.

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Cupcakes and Tray Bakes

Here’s a selection of deliciously wicked cupcakes and tray-bakes for selling at your school fair or summer fête. These moreish cakes are sure to get them queuing right down the school field!

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Summer Picnic Cupcakes With Fresh Fruit Topping

These summer themed cupcakes are sure to be a big hit at picnics.

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Gluten Free Cupcakes

Gluten-free cupcakes can taste just as good as classic ones with these delicious recipes.

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Cupcake with raspberry

Innocent Cupcakes: Made With a Smoothie

Innocent cupcakes are just a little less rich, but just as tasty as others and they are deliciously fruity too.

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Baking Cupcakes

Basic Cupcakes and Three Variations

The cupcake (or fairy cake if you’re of a certain generation) is an icon of the 21st century. Crowned with a swirl of glossy meringue or buttercream icing, and sprinkled with twinkle dust or stars, it’s the Victoria Sponge’s glamorous little sister.

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