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Classic Cakes

Pound cake

Fruit: Lemon, Apple or Orange Cake

Orange cake, apple cake and lemon cake can all be served simply as an accompaniment to a cup of coffee or dressed up with cream or yogurt as a special dessert

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Homemade Fruitcake

Boiled Cakes

Boiled cakes are simpler to prepare, quicker to bake and a little lighter than traditional rich fruit cakes. They are often recommended as a last-minute alternative to Christmas cake

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Delicious chocolate eclairs

Making Chocolate Eclairs

For more than three centuries, chocolate éclairs have been delighting chocophiles all over the world. This elegant pastry creation combines some of our favourite things: chocolate, custard cream, and light, crispy pastry. Ready to try making chocolate eclairs for yourself? We thought you might be…

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Wild Strawberry and Rose Petal Cake

Wild Strawberry and Rose Petal Cake

This dainty cake evokes summer, cottage gardens and the gentler pleasures of bygone years. It’s also a surprisingly healthy option, especially if you make it with low fat crème fraiche.

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Upside Down Cakes

Upside-down cakes are best served as puddings with cream or ice cream. We’ve recipes for the old favourite pineapple upside-down cake, as well as apple dowdy and apricot upside-down pudding.

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Fruit Cake

New Classic Cakes – Part 2

Some simple recipes for everyday classic fruit cakes that will be enjoyed by all the family.

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Making The Perfect Sponge

The true Victoria sponge is a classic English cake; the low-fat Genoese sponge is versatile. Whichever you choose to try, you’ll find these are perfect sponge cakes.

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yorkshire parkin

Classic English Cakes

Nearly every county in England has its own baked speciality, and we’ve chosen three of the classics: Somerset apple cake; Yorkshire parkin; and Dr. Oliver’s Bath buns.

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Classic Welsh Cakes: Bara Brith & Teisen Lap

Rich with fruit and spice, bara brith, teisen lap and welshcakes evoke images of mam cooking, in her warm sweetly-scented kitchen. See for yourself how good they are.

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Classic Scottish Cakes

For a taste of Scotland, try our shortbread recipe. Our Dundee cake has both tradition and taste, and our Marmalade cake definitely has cut-and-come-again qualities.

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Irish whisky cake

Classic Irish Cakes

Guinness and Irish whiskey: you can’t have a page about Irish classic cakes without including these two. But don’t worry if you’re t-total, we’ve got a tea-bread for you!

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cheesecake slice

Making The Perfect Cheesecake

Home-made cheesecake, bursting with good, simple ingredients, bears little resemblance to its frozen supermarket counterpart. Its crunchy biscuity base and rich smooth filling are irresistible.

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Scottish Dumpling

Scottish Dumpling is a traditional pudding, sometimes called cloutie or clootie. The custom is to serve it at Hogmanay or birthdays when silver coins may be hidden in it.

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Walnut Carrot Cake On A Fork

Making The Perfect Carrot Cake

If you’re looking for a carrot cake recipe, our perfect carrot cake not only tastes delicious, it has an air of wholesomeness about it that makes you feel it’s actually doing you good!

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Cherry cake

New Classic Cakes – Part 1

Madeira and cherry are traditional cakes that have both stood the test of time and are worthy of the title of Classic Cake. Re-live your memories!

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