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Christmas Baking

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Baking The Perfect Christmas Cake

This recipe is based on Angela Nilsen’s original Christmas cake. It is a deliciously rich, moist fruit cake which everyone will enjoy. Ingredients : 200g (7oz) Unsalted Butter (at room temperature) 200g (7oz) Dark Muscovado Sugar 200g (7oz) Plain Flour 4 Free Range Eggs (beaten) 50g (2oz) Ground Almonds 100ml (3.4floz) Sherry (plus extra for […]

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Christmas Stollen

How to Make Christmas Stollen

Stollen is a spicy enriched fruit bread with a rich marzipan filling, that’s especially popular at Christmas celebrations across Europe. The recipe’s here

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How to Bake Panettone

A brief history of panettone, the classic Italian Christmas bread, and a recipe for making it.

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Twelfth Night Cake

Baking a Twelfth Night Cake

Twelfth Night used to be marked by the baking of a special cake. In Britain it was a dense fruit cake; in France a puff pastry tart filled with almond cream. The person who gets the bean in his slice becomes king for the night.

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Light Christmas Pudding

If you love Christmas pudding… but you want something lighter this year… then try our recipe. We’ll help you to interpret the classic recipes in your own way, choosing your own fruit and favourite tipple – to make a light Christmas pudding with all your favourite flavours!

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Christmas Yule Log Close Up

Bake a Yule Log

Looking for an alternative Christmas cake recipe this year? Try making our rich and luxurious Yule Log recipe. This traditional Christmas ‘cake’ is simple and fun to make with children.

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Bake an Italian Christmas Cake

Rich with liquor, dense with fruit and nuts, and deepened with the addition of chocolate or cocoa – an Italian Christmas Cake is a sophisticated culinary creation. Naturally, Italians have added a number of gorgeous traditions to their Christmas celebrations, and many of these are worth adopting as our own!

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Mince Pies

Bake Mince Pies

Mince pies! You either love or hate them. For enthusiasts, there’s nothing finer than a short, buttery pastry case, sprinkled with crunchy sugar and filled with juicy fruit.

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Christmas cupcakes

Bake Christmas Cupcakes

Not everyone likes mince pies at Christmas – so bake these handheld cupcakes to keep them happy. Mind you, we can’t promise that the mince-pie-eaters won’t help themselves, too!

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Gingerbread cookies

Christmas Tree Biscuits

Send the scent of Christmas wafting through your home, and get a trayful of beautiful decorations to boot! Try making some homemade biscuits to hang on the Christmas tree this year.

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Bake A French Christmas Cake, Galette des Rois

You’ve never heard of French Christmas Cake? Typically, this elegant nation has a Christmas culinary tradition all of its own. Galette des Rois is a cake to celebrate Epiphany, and we think this is a tradition we might begin to embrace…

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Decorating Your Christmas Cakes

A Christmas cake makes a lovely and traditional centre-piece for the tea-table on Christmas Day. We offer different options for decorating it, from a snow scene to a stand-up Santa.

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