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Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

A regular on our facebook fan page, Debbie Rowland has kindly send us her recipe for chocolate mud. Debbie says this cake recipe is so fabulous it would be a sin not to share it!

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Stack of brownies

Double Chocolate Brownies

Dark, rich and indulgent – brownies are the pinnacle of chocolate baking. The very best are crammed with high-quality chocolate and cooked to a soft, squidgy texture. If you feel like a real treat, try our double chocolate brownie recipe.

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How to Make Perfect Blondies

The Blondie is an American favourite – the paler cousin of the rich, dark brownie. The dough features butter and brown sugar with vanilla for a fudgy flavour, and can be studded with walnuts, white chocolate chips, or a mixture.

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Homemade bread

Chocolate Loaf Cake

Perfect for tea parties, suppertime, and even brunch, Chocolate Loaf is a versatile recipe that every baking goddess should have in her repertoire. We’ve got two favourite recipes: a breadmaker loaf and a Mocha loaf cake. Serve one of our recipes to your lucky family, and you’ll be receiving requests for it over and over again!

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Cake Chocolate

Black & White Cake

Black and White Cake; this simple-to-make-and-ice cake has an impressive chequered icing centre when cut, and a decadent chocolate flavour

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Swiss Roll Slices

How to Make Swiss Roll

A Swiss roll makes use of Genoese sponge, which can also be used for gateaux and trifle sponges. Recipes for a Swiss roll, a chocolate Swiss roll, a Genoese sponge, a mandarin gateau.

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Making The Perfect Chocolate Cake

Ask anyone about their idea of a perfect chocolate cake, and you’ll get a different answer. Whichever camp you’re in you’ll find a recipe for your idea of perfection here!

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