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Storage & Serving


How to Freeze Cakes and Cookies in Advance

Baking and freezing ahead is a great way to enjoy cakes and cookies.

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Victoria Songecake

How To Store Cakes

You’ve spent hours in the kitchen baking the perfect cake, its fragrant aromas wafting gently through the house. Now the hard work is done, don’t let it go to waste by neglectful storage. Read our tips on successful storage to get the best from every cake you bake.

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breakfast scones

How To Freeze Cakes

Fill your freezer with cakes and scones that can be quickly defrosted when your child announces at bedtime that he has to take a cake in for the school fete tomorrow.

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Afternoon tea

How To Serve Your Cakes

Set time aside to relish the small pleasures of life with good company and delicious cake. We tell you how to create an authentic tea party – without the Mad Hatter!

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