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Logo Design Package

Brand Your Business – Starting with a Great Logo

Brand Your Business – Starting with a Great Logo… A great business needs a great identity. If you look professional then your clients will believe you are professional and, after all, you are delivering a well designed cake so your brand identity should reflect this. Having a great logo is the first step in establishing this […]

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The Cakeulator – Get Started With Android

The CakeUlator is now available for Android. It is really simple to use but we have created brief guide to help you on your way.

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CakeUlator Logo

The CakeUlator – Get Started With iPhone, iPad and iPod

The CakeUlator has been designed to be very easy to use but here we have provided a quick start guide to get you up and running and to give anyone interested a feel for how The CakeUlator works.

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Marketing Your Cake Business Locally

So you’ve pinned posters on lamp-posts, advertised in the Post Office window, and spread the word about your cupcake business. But you still want more customers. So what’s next?

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Social media signs

Marketing Your Cake Business Online

Marketing online can seem like throwing a dart into the ocean. What are your chances of catching a fish? Well, with a little insider knowledge, you can turn the dart into a big old net.

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Cake Business: Writing Your Web Pages

So you’ve commissioned a designer – or learned how to create a site yourself – and now you’re faced with the task of writing your web pages. If you want to do it yourself, here’s a guide to help you get started.

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The Cake Industry: The Importance Of Market Research

Cake is big business. To secure the success of your baking venture, however, thorough market research is vital. What does the cake industry look like today, who buys cake and how does the competition shape up?

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The Setup Costs Of A Cake Baking Business

Be sure to think carefully about the setup costs of your cake baking business before launching. Applying foresight now will minimise your chances of financial worry in the future.

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My Cupcake Delivery Business: An Interview

If you have a passion for baking, strong I.C.T. skills and are well organised, launching an online cake delivery business may be your ideal career move. We talk to an industry insider.

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Networking in the Cake Baking Industry

The successful cake baking professional approaches networking with enthusiasm. We show you who to reach out to and how.

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My Underground Tea Room: A Case Study

Cake baking businesses are getting creative. We hear from one ‘underground’ tea room owner to learn about her experience as an afternoon tea entrepreneur.

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Cake Business: Insurance and Licensing

Ensure that your cake baking business is playing by the rules. Read up on all the insurance and licensing requirements for food-related businesses. Being in the know is vital to staying legal.

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Health and Hygiene for a Cake Baking Business

Protect your customers, your employees and your business by researching and complying with current health and safety and food hygiene regulations.

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Cake Business: Finding & Keeping Customers

No cake baking business will grow successfully without a good number of happy clients. A strong customer service strategy will make your business stand out for all the right reasons.

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Cake Business: Web Design & Online Strategy

An online presence is vital in ensuring that your cake baking business has a place in the digital age. Before launching your business online, be sure to learn the basics in web design and strategy.

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Work / Life Balance

Cake Baking Business: Work / Life Balance

Those keen to craft flourishing cake baking businesses should consider the impact their new career might have on their wellbeing, their family and their friends. Forethought and pre-planning are the keys to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Finding A Niche For Your Cake Baking Business

Cake is big news and big business. Finding a niche for your cake baking company will help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Charming woman baking in the kitchen

Start Your Own Cake Baking Business

Starting your own business is a hugely rewarding enterprise. This article will help you to think about some of the issues you’ll need to tackle in the early stages of setting up your cake-baking business.

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