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Seasonal Cakes


Baking With Nuts

We’ve a selection of nut-based sweet treats, including chocolate and walnut cookies, almond fingers, nut and cranberry bread and hazelnut meringue. Simple to make and delicious to eat.

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Autumn Baking: Apple Recipes

Five great apple recipes to bake and use up your autumn apple harvest.

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Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake and Kentish Lent Pie

Traditional Easter fare that makes Mothering Sunday special, too! Kentish lemon pie and Simnel Cake.

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Summer Ice Cream Cakes

Ice cream cakes are easy to prepare and always impress guests. They are simpler than you may think to create too.

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Winter Puddings to Make and Bake

A selection of traditional warming winter puddings to brighten up the darkest winter’s day, including rhubarb sponge, steamed jam sponge and the schoolboys’ favourite, spotted dick.

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