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Easy Cakes

Strawberry pavlova cake

How to Make Pavlova

Having trouble with your peaks? Homemade meringues are the perfect base for all sorts of wonderful treats. Learn to master pavlova, and you’ll be able to whip up quick puds at short notice. Here’s our guide to making perfect pavlova.

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Cakes With Literary Associations

Many authors have written about their fondness for a particular cake. From Madeleines to Banbury cakes to Sally Lunns, many cakes are named in literature.

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Cheesecake with fresh strawberries on white plate closeup

Cake Making Shortcuts: How to Cheat!

Required to whip up some home baking in a hurry? No problem! Here are some of our favourite quick-fix cakes.

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No Cook Cakes Including Rocky Road

No-cook cakes or Refrigerator Cakes are easy and simple for adults and kids to make. They’re wickedly indulgent and full of energy, so they’re useful packed lunch and picnic treats. Try our step-by-step recipe and learn to adapt the recipe for your own family.

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chocolate cake

Easy Cake Decorating

You want your cake to look spectacular, but you don’t want to spend hours in a hot kitchen, covered in icing sugar, to achieve it. What’s the solution? Well, it really can be easy with our guide to decorating…

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Cakes for Children to Make

Here’s a selection of pretty cakes and child-friendly flavours they’ll love to bake – and eat. From Bounty-flavoured cakes to Smartie cookies, these ideas will go down well with your little ones. Why not make them kitchen assistants for the day?

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Spongecake and Raspberries

Easiest Sponge Cake

How to make a great Victoria sponge cake using an easy all-in-one method. A reliable and delicious recipe!

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An Introduction to Baking

Whether you’ve always wanted to bake perfect cakes, or you’re just setting up home, it’s time to stop wondering, and start experimenting! After all, even Isabella Beeton didn’t know how to bake when she started writing her cookery book. Every expert cake-baker has to start somewhere.

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Pound cake

Cakes to Bake in a Breadmaker

Baking with your bread machine can be quick, easy, and rewarding. There’s no yeast, no timings, and not much washing up – why not give it a try?

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