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Baking With Pastry


Croquembouche: Step by Step Guide

Croquembouche is a classic French patisserie that never fails to impress. Not only does it look amazing but it tastes amazing too! Our guide to making your own croquembouche explains how to make the individual patisseries and how to assemble them to create your very own show stopper!

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Vanilla custard

Make and Use Creme Patissiere

Creme Patissiere is a component of recipes such as éclairs, profiteroles, and Boston Cream Pie. Essentially a cold custard, Creme Patissiere is surprisingly simple to make. With fresh vanilla seeds and good milk and eggs, it’s also surprisingly delicious!

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Freshly baked cake

No Cook Tart Base

Try making our No-cook tart crust, then fill it with an equally easy filling – guaranteed to impress your guests. Here’s our basic recipe plus two gorgeous variations!

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Tarte Tatin

How to Make Tarte Tatin

This elegant French classic is easy to make and delicious to eat… the perfect seasonal combination of caramelised apples and crumbly sweet pastry, it’s a dinner party sensation. Here’s how to make it yourself.

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Slice of Treacle Tart with Whipped Cream

Make a Traditional Treacle Tart

Originally invented as a way to use up loaf ends, Treacle Tart has become a firm favourite. Try our simple recipe and find out what all the fuss is about!

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Créme Brulee

Make and Use Creme Anglaise

Créme Anglaise is the basis of a wide range of recipes. It can be enjoyed alone, poured over a slice of warm fruit tart, or chilled and eaten as a summer dessert sauce. Here are our top tips for making perfect Créme Anglaise – and how to enjoy it.

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Tarte au Chocolat

How to Bake Sweet Tarts

Sweet shortcrust is a cinch! Follow our recipe and you’ll soon be turning out impeccable sweet tarts for your friends and family. Okay, so there are things that can go wrong… and yes, it might take a few tries to get it perfect, but isn’t that a great excuse to start practising? Start with a tray of traditional jam tarts, or try our sumptuous chocolate tart, below, or– you’ll soon be baking sweet tarts in your sleep..

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Making Pastry

Pastry Making Basics

New to pastry-making? It’s easy to be bewildered by the different types of pastry out there: puff and Danish, short and wholewheat, choux pastry and hot water pastry, Pâte Brisée and Pâte Sablée – and those are just the beginning! To keep it simple, we’ll focus on making shortcrust pastry here. Here are our top tips for making perfect pastry…

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Make Fruit Streusel Tart

What do you get if you cross a crumble with a pie? A fruit streusel. This wonderful creation has the best bits of both baking traditions, with sweet pastry, tart filling, and a crunchy, nutty topping. Try our recipe – you might find streusel tart becomes a new favourite…

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Pecan Tarts

Make American Pecan Pies

It’s said that New Orleans was the original home of this American classic. It was created by French immigrants and adopted all over Southern America – with its gooey filling and handsome pecan topping, this sensational new recipe travelled quickly. Since then, it’s won baking fans all over the world! Here’s our favourite Pecan Pie recipe.

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