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Mille Feuille of Strawberries with Chantilly

French Traditional Cakes

We have three recipes for traditional French cakes that can be made fairly easily at home, including brioche, mille feuilles and cream puff.

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walnut cake

Jewish Traditional Cakes

Recipes for kosher Jewish cakes, including the famous Jewish Apple cake, honey cake, banana loaf and kichlach or cookies.

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Italian Traditional Cakes

We’ve recipes for traditional Italian cakes including rum babas, a delicious hazelnut cake and a nutty tea cake.

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Large cake

Russian Traditional Cakes

Traditional Russian cakes are homely and satisfying. When you’ve been out on a cold day, what better to come home to than a satisfying apple cake? Or Russian tea cakes or Kulich, the traditional Russian Easter bread

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orange dessert bread

Middle Eastern Traditional Cakes

Traditional Middle Eastern cakes are often served like a dessert accompanied with natural yogurt. These traditional cakes from the Middle East are often soaked in syrup and are best enjoyed with a cup of strong Arabic or Turkish coffee.

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Red Velvet

American Classic Cakes

American bakers have developed their own canon of home-style cakes. From red velvet cake to bundt and coffee cake, the American classic is typically decadent. Haven’t you tried one yet?

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Wafers or honeycomb waffles

Honeycomb Cake: A Malaysian Speciality

Honeycomb Cake is a delicious cake, quite unfamiliar to the Western palate but utterly addictive once tried – it’s also much easier to bake than it looks.

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