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Portion Size and Fondant Covering Chart

Posted 04/09/2013 by Rebecca Cannon


Portions and Fondant Covering at a Glance

Have you ever wondered how many portions you can get from a 8″ round, or what size of cake you need for 20 kids at a birthday party? Well now you can see at a glance!

Portion & Covering Guide

This handy guide will show you pretty much everything you need to know, from wedding size portions to large sponge cake portions and something in between. We also added a guide to how much fondant and marzipan is required to cover each cake… so no more “If I could just stretch it that little bit more!!” We think that if you make your fondant 5mm thick then it will hide those lumps, humps and bumps.

6 Responses to “Portion Size and Fondant Covering Chart”

  1. pamspartycakes says:

    i just measured my 8″ round cake pan so i can see what the cm measurement would be and it came out to 64.5 cm. Not sure why the fondant covering chart for a 8″ cake is stating 20cm???? Can someone explain this to me. thanks

  2. CakeBaker says:

    @pamspartycakes an 8″ cake tin in cm is 20cm (diameter). The fondant covering is 1kg for an 8″ cake.

  3. schnibl says:

    Could somebody please explain the numbers beneath the Sponge portions to me? eg 2″x2″ has 8 portions on a 6″tin, 12 portions on 1″x2″ and so on?? What does that mean? Maybe that’s a stupid question but I am from Austria and used to cm measurments and really don’t know how to interpret that :)

  4. CakeBaker says:

    The cakes are measured in inches. The 1×1 for example means 1 inch by inch and the number underneath relates to how many 1×1 portions you will be able to get out of the cake above. E.g. a square 6″ cake will give 36 1×1 portions.

  5. Kerry smith says:

    I can’t download the fondant coverage guide and can’t see it. Any advice? X

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