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Cake Science


Portion Size and Fondant Covering Chart

Portions and Fondant Covering at a Glance Have you ever wondered how many portions you can get from a 8″ round, or what size of cake you need for 20 kids at a birthday party? Well now you can see at a glance! This handy guide will show you pretty much everything you need to […]

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Baking Ingredients to Subsitute

Desperate to try a recipe but don’t have all the right ingredients? Here are some handy tips for substitute ingredients that you could try.

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Cakes and Baking News/Blog

Our blog with comments and news items all about cakes and baking!

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3 Ways to Restore, Recreate or Recycle a Failed Cake

Sometimes a cake goes wrong, but that doesn’t have to mean failure: our tips show you how to recover a cake mistake and make it taste even better.

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Cake Baking and Decoration Books

Here is a list of our favourite cake making and decorating books for both beginners and experienced cake bakers. We’ve also included a couple of starting business books for those of you who want to bake for money as well as pleasure.

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Measurements and Scaling

How to convert recipes if you have scales that only measure in metric and the recipe is in pounds and ounces. And what size is a cup?

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All About Cake Ingredients

For a good cake, you need to start off with good quality, fresh ingredients; what you choose will affect the finished product in taste, appearance and texture. Here is some advice on how to choose.

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History of Cake Baking

The early Egyptians were the first skilled bakers but what they made wouldn’t be recognised as cake today, so how did cake baking, as we know it, come about?

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Famous Cake Bakers

How did it all begin? The British have a long line of famous cake-bakers, and an equally long line of classic cake recipes. From the committed Isabella Beeton to the spectacularly gaudy Fanny Cradock, these special cooks have earned their place in the baking history books. Here’s who to thank for that chocolate cake you’re slicing tomorrow afternoon!

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Chef making muffins batter

A Baker’s Guide

Cake baking is not rock-cake science! But neither is it magic. The science of cake baking simply explained to help you understand why you do what you do.

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