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Sugar & Crumbs – Natural flavoured Icing Sugar

Posted 21/01/2015 by Rebecca Cannon


Sugar and Crumbs launched an innovative, all-natural baking ingredient range to the UK and International baking industry in November 2013. Natural flavoured icing sugar and cocoa powder was developed with the home baker who desires convenience in mind to give them a little help in the kitchen. The products deliver a consistent natural flavour every time no matter what the quantity or application. This is a breakaway product from the range of essences and synthetic liquid flavouring already available in the market for three reasons: –

  1. It is natural. This means it is ideal for vegetarians and vegan. The whole range is free from gluten, lactose and artificial colourings too.
  2. It stays white. Most of the twenty-seven flavours of icing sugar stay white, which gives both the home and professional baker complete flexibility.
  3. It is consistent. As a dry, pre-flavoured premium product, you are assured of a deliciously intense flavour every time no matter if you use a little or a lot. If you are looking for a lighter flavour, just dilute it with plain icing sugar.

Since inception this family company has worked tirelessly with their team to generate brand awareness and bring their products to home and professional bakers alike. By working with food bloggers and attending trade shows, lots of people have sampled and enjoyed the authentic, natural taste of these products presented in slim re-sealable bags for convenience.

Now, just over a year since the first products were launched, Sugar and Crumbs boasts a growing list of over 100 stockists in both the national and international marketplace.

What does the future hold for Sugar and Crumbs? Well, the product range will see the additions of new seasonal flavoured icing sugars throughout the year building on the success and popularity of existing flavours whilst picking up on food trends for 2015.

Salted Caramel will continue to be a hot favourite, but as we approach Spring and Summer, look out for the rise of the scrumptious citrus flavours like Coconut & Lime, Key Lime, Lemon Drizzle and Orange Zest. As a product range that does not contain gluten or lactose, Sugar and Crumbs would be keen to promote the “better for me indulgence” of a sweet treat that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

In 2015 Sugar and Crumbs will also be attending and exhibiting at Trade Shows in Dubai, Austria, Germany, USA and Australia, which again will push brand awareness forward in the international marketplace, whilst continuing to build a strong presence in the UK market through retail chains, bakeries and independent suppliers.

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