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Covering Number Cakes With Fondant

Posted 02/10/2013 by Rebecca Cannon

Number Tins

Covering Number Cakes With Fondant

  • Prepare your cake by covering it with a thin layer of buttercream – this is called a crumb coat.
  • Roll out your fondant to 4-5mm thick, roll enough to cover the entire cake plus an extra 2-3 inches without stretching.
  • Position fondant over the cake.
  • Smooth fondant over the top of the cake in quick circular movements using both hands.
  • Glide hands over the corners and gently smooth and tuck fondant into the curves.
  • Once you are happy, a fondant smoother can be used to smooth the top and the outside edges of the cake.
  • Trim off the excess fondant at the bottom with a sharp knife and decorate as you wish.
It’s easier than you think!
CakeBaker x

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  1. Clare Seely says:

    What’s the best amount of cake mixture to use for a number four and a zero

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