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Baking Equipment


Choosing a Freestanding Mixer

Designer appliances that look great and gather dust… or essential equipment for cooks? You can spend hundreds of pounds on a freestanding mixer. But is it a great investment – or an indulgent mistake?

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Cupcake cases

Essential Utensils For Cake Baking

Fancy electric mixers, handheld blenders and pancake rings – the market is swamped with baking utensils that you don’t really need. So what exactly do you need when you begin to bake? Here’s our round-up of genuine essentials, with a Wish list for every budding baker.

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Using Your New Freestanding Mixer

So you’ve unpacked your new freestanding mixer and admired the way it looks on your kitchen counter -what’s first? The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas and recipes.

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Choosing an Ice Cream Maker

Want to whip up some exciting homemade ice-cream this summer? If your family gets through it by the bucketload, you need an ice-cream maker. Here’s our guide to choosing the right ice-cream maker.

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Trays, Tins and Moulds

Choosing your bakeware can be tricky – do you really need a non-stick bun-tin, and what about the realm of jelly moulds available on the market? Here are some pointers about basic bakeware and ideas for using your new kit.

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Cake Making: Electrical Equipment

Baking beginners often wonder what to invest in first. Perhaps you’re an expert baker who wants to make life easier? Or a new kitchen calls for some stylish new equipment? We’re here to sort the best from the rest. Get your pen ready and start making a Christmas list!

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Homemade muffin

Cakes, Ovens : Troubleshooting Guide

Equipping your kitchen for baking? Read this first. We’ve got everything you need to know about using your oven – from conversion tables to the best non-stick equipment.

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