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The CakeUlator – Cake Costing App

Posted 18/09/2013 by Rebecca Cannon

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Simplify pricing and quoting

The CakeUlator is a must for anyone who has a cake making business or who simply wants cake costing/budgeting help. If you don’t include cooking time, preparation time, decorating time and even shopping time in your costs you’re probably not selling your cakes at the right price. Use the CakeUlator to find out just how much to charge for each cake you sell, to ensure you make a success of your business and never undercharge for your cakes again!

This powerful app is available to download right now for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and all major Android devices.

Download The CakeUlator for iPhone from the AppStore Now

Download The CakeUlator for Android from Google play Now

What does The CakeUlator do?

In short, The CakeUlator will let you accurately price and quote for your cakes in just minutes.

By pricing a recipe on every ingredient and task used in the preparation (and even delivery) you will know instantly the cost. The CakeUlator then adds a profit margin, defined by you, to determine a sale price, at which point you can quickly send a quote to a potential customer by email or sms.

It’s never been easier to send what’s guaranteed to be an accurate and profitable quote!

Where does the pricing come from?

The CakeUlator contains accurate pricing for over 100 ingredients and items used in baking and selling from flour to boxes. To keep our prices current we check them every 30 days against those of the major supermarkets in the UK, Europe, The U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The CakeUlator also has prices for common tasks including shopping, baking, decorating etc.

You can easily add additional ingredients or tasks and edit all our prices, allowing bakers who buy ingredients in bulk to reflect this in their quotes.

How easy is it to use?

The CakeUlator was designed to be both easy to use and intuitive. To price and send a quotation requires just two simple steps:

  1. Open the Recipe tab and add the individual ingredients, tasks and quantities for your recipe.
  2. Open the Quotations tab, add your customer details, select the recipe required and the quantities your customer needs, then press send via sms or send via email. Your quotation has been sent along with an image of your finished creation, if you have one saved on your iPhone.

For instructions on using The CakeUlator take a look at our Getting Started Guide.

Units and currency

The CakeUlator works using metric or imperial measurements and has pricing in GBP (£), Euros (€), USD ($), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars (AUD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and the South African Rand (ZAR) for all our items and tasks. So if you’re in the USA you might use Imperial/USD, in Europe metric/Euro and in the UK metric/GBP.

Version 2

In October 2012 we released version 1.1 of the iPhone app, which supports the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar and South African Rand in addition to the British Pound, Euro and U.S. Dollar.

Version 2 was released in early November 2012 and has support for US Cups, Pints, Teaspoons etc as units of measures in recipes, allows for multiple recipes per quote, offers easier inputting for your own ingredients, has backup and restore, allows printing of recipes and the ability to send recipes out via email. We have recently released the latest version with the added functionality of recipe values reflecting changes in ingredient prices and the ability to select an ingredient by letter. We have a number of ideas for enhancements to future versions which we have already started working on. It would also be great to hear from you so please let us know of any changes, additions or feature enhancements that you would like.

Can we assist you?

Would you like us to add a new ingredient for you, to add a new feature, report an error or simply ask us a question? If so you can send us a message via our support page and we will respond right away.

We believe that if you bake cakes and sell them you will find The CakeUlator invaluable!!

And you think so too…

Here are just a few of the great comments we’ve had flooding in from users so far:

“Thank you so much for this very VERY clever app! I’m just starting out in the baking for money world and it has helped me so much”

“This app is absolutely wonderful. Used it for the first time and pricing has never been so easy especially the part of paying myself, charging for all the tasks etc – I love that I can adapt it to my own recipe”.

“Amazing Amazing Amazing !!!! I almost cried with joy !! I’m able to quote on the move respond quickly and efficiently and it has taken out the stress of the back office work Thank You Thank You !! I’m dyslexic so triple thank you :))”

“I use this practically every day – fabulous app!”

“Can I just say how brilliant this app is? Thank you so much for developing it, we have been waiting a while but it is 110% worth the wait!”

138 Responses to “The CakeUlator – Cake Costing App”

  1. Kara says:

    This app sounds INCREDIBLE! Any chance you have an Android version in the works?

  2. CakeBaker says:

    @Kara, yes we are working on an Android version. Should be around 10-12 weeks. You can click on the link at the top of this page to register and when it is released we will let you know (and you get a discount). Thanks

  3. C says:

    Can’t wait to see the APP! :-)

  4. luckeyducky says:

    I don’t have an Android or any other “smart” phone. How do I use CakeUlator? I can’t seem to find anything on your website………. Sorry – I must need new glasses!

  5. CakeBaker says:

    Hi Lukcey Duckey. Here is the online version of the Cakeulator – just scroll down the page to see it. It doesn’t have the same functionality as the app will, but this is where it all started!

  6. Annie says:

    Just started my cake business!! Can’t wait for this app!!!

  7. POPtastic says:

    This will be a huge help in my new start-up small business! cant wait for it to arrive!

  8. Mir says:

    Does iT work on the iPad too

  9. caz says:

    Cant find this in the app store search!

  10. caz says:

    Ooopss just read it properly! will be waiting in anticipation for this one!

  11. Joblue1 says:

    Are you going to bring out an Australian version? Looks like a fantastic app, just what I need

  12. Jade Black says:

    Hi I keep trying to register for the free app or 50% off when it’s released and it says error after completing.

  13. CakeBaker says:

    @Jade. Will check this out to see what’s happening and we will add your details manually if it’s not worked.

  14. Faba says:

    Please I ‘m not find the app help me thank you

  15. Relznik says:

    Hi – I’d love to have a copy of The CakeUlator… sounds like it would be an absolutely invaluable tool!

  16. Jane says:

    Lokking forward to seeing the app.

  17. Jude says:

    This is such a brilliant idea and will make life so much easier when working out costings for cakes.

  18. BakersDozen says:

    I’ve got the app off the appstore…exciting. It looks amazing – already input some recipes and test quotes, this is so cool!

  19. Littlelukedon says:

    Registered for 50% off this when came out but heard nothing at all other than 1 newsletter today about the new app : (

  20. madeitwithlove says:

    Is there an app for the cakeometre? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  21. NickNack says:

    Will you be making this app available on the android market, please please please do as this is something I’ve been hunting for over a year.

  22. CakeBaker says:

    @ Littlelukedon – yes the mail was to say it’s out now and it’s at 50% for September. Hope you enjoy it!

  23. Burnt Sugar says:

    Hi, will this be available for the Australian market in the future? thks

  24. klappeklappekage says:

    It would be really awesome if you added a feature where one could change the currency :)

  25. cakes1 says:

    I have just downloaed the app on my I phone, can I now down load it onto my computer or do I need to pay again thanks Tracy

  26. vette says:

    Can you please make it for tablets too. Thank you.

  27. Cake maker says:

    Hi Will you be planning on making it available for Australians??? Thanks :-)

  28. nancy says:

    is this available for the computer too? my phone isn’t that smart, lol

  29. Scrummy Mummy says:

    Hi, I know someone has already asked this but, does it work for I Pad? Thanks

  30. CakeBaker says:

    Yes it will run on the ipad but it is not specifically written for the ipad.

  31. Clarenm says:

    Hi. Have just downloaded this to my ipad but when I click on it, it opens briefly then disappears. Is this a known issue? Thanks

  32. Shay says:

    Hi there, I signed up for the free/half-off copy of the app, but have not received any information on the release as of yet. I haven’t even received a newsletter or anything from Cakebaker. Please help!

  33. Tita says:

    How about other currencies like peso?

  34. Diva says:

    Just came across your website. I am super excited that you app will include currency in Rands as I am in South Africa. Can’t wait. Thanks for this.

  35. kathrobinson1 says:

    Will they be making this app for the ipad by any chance and sometime very soon??

  36. Sam says:

    The app is already available for the ipad

  37. Lara says:

    It doesn’t show up on my iPad, Sam. I get the No Results message,

  38. DonnaMLane says:

    Can’t find the app on the IPAD…please advise

  39. Mel says:

    Is it possible to include the Singapore currency (SGD) in your app? It’s a great app by the way.

  40. Cake in the Hood says:

    I saw on here a guide to cake tins and fondant sizes, I now cant find it anywhere and the searches are coming up blank too. Can you tell me where I can find it again please?

  41. cakelady says:

    I am glad that I found your page on Facebook !

  42. cakelady says:

    Glad that I found your FB page .

  43. cakelady says:

    Glad that I found your facebook page!

  44. wils says:

    Hi there, when you get the android version done and dusted, could you work on a windows version please! Thanks in anticipation ;o)

  45. olabs says:

    I wish you do order from Nigeria! and I would also want to know what an edible sheet and printer would cost? thank you Adewunmi Sahid

  46. Michie says:

    Hi there, will the Cakeulator be available for Blackberry? Thanks

  47. Minkyman says:

    Do you have plans to introduce a “Cakeculator” app for other smart phones and not just an iphone app? Thank you

  48. cake-e-licious says:

    will the new upcoming android app be available on the Kindle fire?

  49. kp says:

    Can’t wait for the smartphone app thankyou as I seem to loose on my cakes!

  50. wyked sweet says:

    please notify me when the android app becomes available…i am so there…need someway to calculate cost for my online orders…

  51. Ladybelle Cakes says:

    Is there a version for a regular computer? I don’t have a droid right now.. or well, any cell phone. I would love a downloadable version for the computer!

  52. dollie says:

    why is this only available on iphone not everyone has one there is android

  53. Lou says:

    I still have an old-fashioned Nokia and love it. I do all my work on computer – is it possible to get version for a good old fashioned computer..

  54. A House of Cake says:

    Oh you are teasing us android users soooooo not fair

  55. Effie says:

    I have a Blackberry, which one would I be able to load onto my phone? If I need to load the second one please put me down for it. Thank you, Effie

  56. sarah says:

    is this avaliable on a computer or laptop?

  57. jo says:

    What is the ETA for the android app?

  58. CakeBaker says:

    Android coming soon. We expected it in December, but there are some teething problems we want to iron out before we release it.

  59. DottyDot says:

    Ditto … it working ok on the IPad ?

  60. cake decor says:

    Please add Indian rupee to the currency. Please please! Looking forward to the Android app.

  61. Sunnie says:

    Regarding the currency, I have a suggest. It’s can add a currency symbol of “$”, this symbol can use for many country. Regarding the quotation, can add a function for “add” which is adding the new ingredient/material/ other. It’s because only available 3 for a quotation, sometime not only 3. Thanks a lot for this apps, even I’m Asia user, I’m glad for it. :-)

  62. Happy Nanny5 says:

    Hi I will help you . I have got a Samsung Galaxy111 telephone.

  63. brendakim says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy tablet, and would love this app

  64. ukpoppy says:

    Hi, I have as Nexus 7″ and would be happy to test.

  65. maria says:

    I have a nexus I would be more than happy to help out

  66. maria says:

    I have a nexus and will help in any way I can

  67. JO says:


  68. pinklady says:

    i have a galaxys111 and I would be more than happy to help out

  69. cazwell says:

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 and would love to test your product.

  70. Sukey says:

    I have an iphone4s and an ipad would love to try

  71. alip says:

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 and would like to trail your new version

  72. Cass1101_76 says:

    I have an IPad and would so love to use this please. Quoting always seems to come out wrong! I am in Australia so can trial the different dollars for you :)

  73. lilyb says:

    When will cakeulator & cakeometer be available on android?? Can’t wait!!!

  74. Trish says:

    Hi, What is the cost of the CakeUlator? Regards, Trish

  75. Bernie says:

    I have a sony experia tipo and would love to test it out

  76. Es says:

    Hi, I am in NZ and purchased this last week. It is great, although some of the prices for the non supermarket items e.g. cake boards, are a little off but easily fixed and I can go in and update the price. I have loaded all of my standard cake recipes. As well as my various fillings, frostings etc. What I find a little frustrating, is that you can only add 3 ITEMS to your quote. If you are doing a 3 tier cake with 3 different cake flavours it doesn’t leave room to add different fillings. I realise you can add this to the recipe, but it would be so much easier to leave my cake recipes as is, otherwise I have to go in an update each recipe for each different quote. Sort of defeats the purpose. Would LOVE it if you could upgrade the quote system to add several items. Other than that, I am still finding my way around the application. But what I have sussed so far is fantastic. This app has a lot of potential :) Cheers Es

  77. sai says:

    I used to habe this app on my Iphone but now that I have a Samsung note 2 i really miss this app. Is this app notr available on Note 2?

  78. d8ve k says:

    who is this genius who has come up with this fantastic app,is it a famous chef ??,will he become famous or will he remain anonymous like the Stig from top gear

  79. Fh says:

    So fed up of hearing this is coming out on android but it never does

  80. LJ says:

    Can you download this program onto your computer as I do not have a IPhone or Ipad

  81. Shelley says:

    Still eagerly waiting for this app on android! meanwhile another available app is stealing would be customers away. just saying.

  82. Marilyn says:

    Are you going to make these apps available for Android phones and tablets? It’s a lot of us, who don’t have iPhones or I pads. This would help out my business. Thanks

  83. janet says:

    This app is available now for android in the Play Store I bought it a couple of weeks ago now, not sure why they aren’t advertising it yet, it is very good x

  84. Cake Diva says:

    Hi, I checked in the play store, but I didn’t see it. What is it under?

  85. rachel says:

    Is there a way to use it on just a regular computer? I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet or anything like that, and I would really love to use this since I’m new to cake decorating and would like some help with my pricing. Thanks! :)

  86. Marelize says:

    please help! I dont have an iphone and would like this app on a normal computer….how do I do that? kind regards MARELIZE

  87. tooshie says:

    don’t have an iphone ipad or smart phone.would love this for my laptop

  88. Adelaide says:

    Hi, I have an Iphone 3 and would love to be able to get this! At mo the ios is not high enough :-( Also…I too would love to be able to download app on to my laptop as would be soooo useful!! I hope you would consider making this somehow available in the near future. Much thanks in advance Adelaide :-)

  89. RM says:

    How soon will this be available for the iPad?

  90. abcakes1 says:

    Is this app available for the ipad ?

  91. cupcake says:

    can you download the cake pricing app onto a laptop

  92. conniecakes says:

    Would love to see this app for the nook color.

  93. skeeter says:

    I am new to cake decorating & I don’t really sell them but once in a while someone will ask me how much it cost to make some of the cakes I make & I have no clue how to price them. But like others I need to know if this can be used on a laptop. I had thought there might be an answer to one of the other questions. Guess I’ll keep watching.

  94. Noeyg says:

    We need this on android please

  95. Cakebaker says:

    See the link above for android!

  96. warner says:

    How do I do this on my pc. Don’t have a great phone and not that technologically minded lol! But would love to use this. Please help!

  97. Deanne says:

    Can i get this app for my apple mac lap top? Really need something like this!

  98. Chelle says:

    Was wondering if this is ever going to be made for a pc. My android phone can’t get apps for some reason and this would really be handy to have.

  99. Dune Rose says:

    Pls tell me how i can calculate a cake price

  100. temptations says:

    I bought this app on my iPhone thinking it would be very useful to me. But then i live in malaysia & realised that they dont have malaysian currency on it…how can i fix that…pls help me else i am in a loss.. :-(

  101. Okertxo says:

    Any chance of a version of the CakeUlator in Spanish? I live in Spain and a lot of my bakng friends would be extremely grateful. And there are millins of people in South America who would use it too. AH

  102. Sweetsoul Baker says:

    Brilliant App. Use it on my Kindle with no problem.

  103. pearlysands says:

    Hi, have been using your CakeUlator through your website on my laptop for approx three months and think ( past tense !) it is brilliant. Logged on today after coming back from holiday, clicked the desktop icon and the page has disappeared ! tried Yahoo search… no luck..! so, went on your website and read it’s now an app! Haven’t got an android or iphone thingy… mine just makes text and asked my other half to see if he could get it on his Tablet. He paid £2.99 and got something nothing like the user friendly one I used on my laptop! What’s happened ? Can anybody please help ? Thanks, Pearl

    • CakeBaker says:

      Hi Pearl the CakeUlator is now an App – for iOS and Android devices. Once you get the hang of it, it is really easy to use.

  104. Croxholden says:

    Is the a version for the Ipad? This add looks like what i need in my new business.

  105. Minh says:

    Two questions: Will this ever be available for desktop? I don’t see myself entering all this information with my fingers on the phone. And, will there be more currencies available? (Maybe let the client set their own currency in the app Settings?) As of now I can’t use this app since I’m in Switzerland and we use Swiss francs.

  106. Sal says:

    Hi, I also would like to know if you’re planning on doing a ‘desktop app’. I do have the app on my Nexus 7 but am more often on the laptop now for cake-related things and it would be more convenient to have it on here. Love the app and has taken loads of the stress out of pricing!

  107. Ilze Nel-Marais says:

    Hi CakeBaker,

    Love the Cakeulator app. I downloaded it for Android. I have one problem. When I enter the amounts to calculate the ingredient costs, the keyboard is obscuring the OK button so submit it. Is there a way that I can hide the keyboard after I entered the cost for the ingredient to select ok? Thanx

  108. maha abdelnae. says:

    Hiiiii i like this app but im from egypt i cant rrach that u have pound whyy?? Thxx

    • CakeBaker says:

      Currently the CakeUlator works in British Pounds (GBP), US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), AUD (Australian Dollars), NZD (New Zealand Dollars), CAD (Canadian Dollars), ZAR (South African Rand).

  109. Lisa says:

    Hello, i am currenty not able to download the app and usually use the cakeulator from my normal computer. How come this option is no longer available?

    Many Thanks

      • Lisa says:

        Thanks for the link

      • thedivinepeach says:

        I had this on my iPhone but now have the Nokia Lumia (fab camera, hardly any apps!) which runs Windows8. Have tried the link here to use on laptop but it either takes me to a blank page or when it does appear I can’t type anything in the boxes!

        As someone new to this business I really need this app! I don’t have, and can’t afford, an iPad or any other type of tablet, I only have my phone and laptop.

        Are you planning on doing an app for laptop/desktop or Windows phones any time soon? Please, please, please, say you are!!!


  110. Lgbm says:

    WIll there be an app for Windows phone as well?

  111. Inke says:

    Can’t get the Android version… Google Play store can ‘t find it, they say… Please help.

  112. lisa says:

    Ive searched the play store on my galaxy and cant find your app. I have also clicked in your link at the top of the page for android bt play store comes up empty.

    If I have this app on one device can I use it on another?

    • CakeBaker says:

      We are currently updating the CakeUlator for Android. It will be back on sale shortly.

      • janice jones says:

        hi, I dont have a phone to use your app and would like to use the cakeulator online to cost my cakes, do you have a link to it please x

  113. Lani says:

    Please make a windows phone 8 version of this app! I would really love that! Great idea!

  114. A says:

    Can I download this to my laptop ? I don’t have a mobile phone or a tablet

  115. kriselda says:

    I have no idea how to change the currency from pound to rand?

  116. Hello,

    I would like to know how to get this app, I’m not too good on computers, and how much it costs and if I can use it on my iPad?

  117. Marion Braden says:

    Hi love your site. How do I join your Facebook and how can I get your cakeulator?

    Many thanks

  118. Wes Grebner says:

    Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for information approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I have found out till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the supply?

  119. Jock says:

    Do you have a demo or trial version available?

  120. Dil neemuth says:

    Can you please add mauritian rupees to the currency?

  121. nkiruka says:

    Am in nigeria, is there a way that the currency of my country (naira) be included? Thanks

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