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CakeOmeter+ – Scale Any Recipe App

Posted 17/09/2013 by Rebecca Cannon

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So, you don’t own the correct sized tin for your recipe? Maybe you’ve seen a recipe but wanted to make it on a smaller or larger scale?

Problem solved!! CakeBaker, the expert in Baking Apps has come up with a brand new, nifty little App… introducing The CakeOmeter+ now available from the AppStore.

Download The CakeOmeter from the AppStore Now

All you have to do is simply enter your recipe, the existing and new tin sizes and up pops your new recipe AND new cooking time!

Converting a 5″ square to a 12″ round? Simple! You can even store and print your recipe off!

So let’s say you have granny’s favourite lemon sponge recipe that you’ve made time and time again, baking it to perfection in your usual, trustworthy 8” x 2” high round tins… Now you want to make it on a larger scale, let’s say a 10” square tin… You’ll need The CakeOmeter+ This neat little app is really straightforward to use, but we’ve put together a handy guide just so you know what it’s all about.

Entering your required tin size

Go to the Tin Sizes tab:

  1. Select inches or centimetres as your unit of measure
  2. Enter the original cake tin shape and size suggested by your recipe – example. Round, 8″, 2″high
  3. Enter the new cake tin shape and size you want to bake – example. Square, 10″, 10″, 4″high

Tip : Unsure of the tin height in your recipe? As a general rule – a sandwich tin is around 2″ high and a cake tin is around 4″ high.

New Volume and Cooking Time

A note is displayed telling you how much the volume has changed (from your old size to the new). Enter your old cooking time – an approximate cooking time for your new cake size will be displayed (this is for guidance only) – example. Round, 8″, 2″high takes 35 minutes to cook.

Adding your recipe ingredients

The Cakeometer+ will convert your entire recipe to suit the new tin size – you can even save the recipe to use again. Go to the ‘Old Recip’e tab. Select metric or imperial units of measurement, then click on ‘ingredient’. Key in your first ingredient, then select unit type and quantity. Proceed in the same way until your whole recipe has been entered. If you want to save the recipe, click on the save button, we suggest you include the original tin size with the name, so you can easily identify it at a later stage (e.g. Lemon Drizzle 8″ round).

Your new recipe is here!

Go to the ‘New Recipes’ tab. Your new tin size is displayed at the top, with all the new ingredients and their quantities below including the new cooking time! You can even print it off by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the screen. If you’ve saved a recipe and want to use it again for a different tin size, enter the new tin size required then go to the ‘Old Recipe’ tab and select Open. Choose your recipe from the list and it will be displayed. Go to New Recipes to see your new ingredient list. Scaling recipes has never been so easy!

13 Responses to “CakeOmeter+ – Scale Any Recipe App”

  1. brian says:

    I have used the cakeometer on line several times but the website it was on is no longer available.I dont have any apple equipment so i cant download the app i only have a samsung galaxy s4

  2. fiona says:

    hi.. can we get this app for android … thanx

  3. CakeBaker says:

    Click on the recipe tab – select New Recipe – Enter recipe name and click ok – Click on the ingredients box and scroll until you find your item – Enter qty – Repeat until all ingredients are added. I hope this helps

  4. ariom says:

    Is this coming to Android please?

  5. Camille says:

    Is this app based on baker’s percentage?

  6. Rafael Giard says:

    You have brought up a very great details , regards for the post.

  7. hilary taylor says:

    I bought the cakeometer app today through itunes but it has not shown up on my pc. Is it only for apple products?

  8. Camille says:

    I have the app on iPhone. Almost all of the recipes I input and saved are bigger than 6×2″. However, when I reopen the saved recipe, the app indicates that the original size is 6×2. I didn’t realize it until the recipe I put in was half an 8″ cake. I put it in my 6″ pan and it has overflowed.

    Will this error be fixed? I can’t remember the original size pan of each cake I have entered.


  9. Nicola says:

    How about an app for android, I don’t have an iphone and I don’t want one but I would love to have this app!

  10. Cant we get this app through Android phones.

  11. nkiruka says:

    Is there cakeometer app for android I use a Samsung X5.Thanks

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