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CakeUlator: Cake Recipe Pricing Tool

Posted 26/09/2012 by Rebecca Cannon

CakeUlator Logo

Introducing The CakeUlator…

We’ve heard many times that pricing cakes to sell can be a fairly tricky task – so to help, we created the ‘CakeUlator’ to help you work out how much you should be selling your cakes for and to help you actually make a profit!

Simply complete the details and we will give you a suggested price for your cake based on prices obtained from three leading supermarkets which are updated every 6 weeks.

The CakeUlator App has much more functionality and is available to download for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and major Andoid devices. The CakeUlator… easy to send what’s guaranteed to be an accurate and profitable quote!

Take a look at the full spec on The CakeUlator or download your very own CakeUlator here The CakeUlator for iOS or The CakeUlator for Android

100 Responses to “CakeUlator: Cake Recipe Pricing Tool”

  1. CakeBaker says:

    Hi – thanks for the comments. We tried to restrict the ingredients to keep it manageable for you, so we put all sugars into one “Sugar” – it shouldn’t make a massive difference to the overall price.

  2. Cake Head Creations says:

    Brilliant!! Thank you so much for creating this:))

  3. Paula says:

    Great idea, but it won’t let me put the amounts in! How do I fill it in please?

  4. CakeBaker says:

    @Paula. Just select ingredient from the list, add the quantity, then select add ingredient to add you next item.

  5. Cassbags says:

    I LOVE it!!! Brilliant… Is it something that will be reviewed as the cost prices fluctuate? Thanks

  6. Elisa says:

    Absolutely brilliant idea. Although, like Paula, I can’t add my quantities either. I put my cursor over the box and it won’t let me click into it.

  7. Lesley says:

    This is brilliant! But I would like to know about the ‘price fluctuation’ a previous poster asked! Thank you !

  8. CakeBaker says:

    Yes we’ll be adjusting the prices on a six weekly basis, which should be about right, but we’ll increase the times if necessary.

  9. Chief Whisk says:

    I love the site and love this tool – thnak you for sharing with us. Not sure if there is a gremlin as I tried yesterday and again today and like Elisa I cant get the quantities in the box – there is no cursor, it wont tab across and wont let me click into the box either.

  10. CakeBaker says:

    @ Chief Whisk. Hi just click on the quantity box with your mouse and try typing a number in. You don’t always see flashing cursor bit here.let us know if it’s still not working and we’ll look into it

  11. amarettigirl says:

    This is a great tool – thanks! I assume the ‘cooking time’ is my prep time? I am wondering if you could add ‘oven time’ to take account of fuel cost as obviously this can vary hugely between, say, biscuits and fruit cake. Or have I misunderstood?

  12. Queen-of-hearts says:

    Hi, could you send me a step, by step guide on how to use this tool, as I have added my ingredients, but nothing was added up. Help!!! Thanks

  13. CakeBaker says:

    Hi at the moment it doesn’t seem to be working with certain browsers that’s probably why it seems tricky for you! We will get this fixed soon. It works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

  14. MrsK says:

    Great idea, it works on firefox, and on Iphone. All I have to do now is to work out how much profit to use, any suggestions?!!! Thank you for your hard work

  15. dzire says:

    This is brilliant! I have a question about an ingredient – if I am using something like Almond flour – would I consider this as a nut rather than a flour? Also – is Profit % just the percentage that we want to make on the product?? Thankyou!!

  16. CakeBaker says:

    For pricing it would be better to price as nuts as almond flour is more expensive than wheat flour – and yes, the profit is whatever percentage you want to make!

  17. Cake Crazy says:

    Hi, I am abit confused about this feature. Firstly it doesn’t contain the option of Lemons and you can’t really put it under fruit as it only wants it in grams. The receipe calls for 9 lemons. Secondly, there is no mention of Vanilla extract. How do I know what profit to make if I don’t know how much it has cost me? I have already charged a customer and would like to work out my profit but it wants it in a percentage. From this feature I am afraid that I have underpriced way too much as the ingredients cost around

  18. CakeBaker says:

    @Cake Crazy – just select ‘citrus fruit’ from the drop down box – the measurements come in units of ‘each’ so just key in 9 there. As for vanilla extract – just select ‘essence’ from the drop down box. In terms of profit – it’s for you to decide how much

  19. Lutie says:

    This appears to be a fabulous and well-needed tool for those of us who love to ‘cake’ for a living. It would be lovely if we could have it work for the USA, also. How fortunate you all are to have this product.

  20. Suzyq1167 says:

    This looks fantastic, but how about letting us change currency, for those not in UK, ie your friends in Australia?

  21. Sugarsmith says:

    Brilliant – love it. Such a great help in pricing. I have to add a few extra to mine though: such as paste colourings (which can be pricey) gum tragacanth, tylose, and prepared sugarpaste. Also FYI there’s a bit of price discrepancy between ‘nuts’ and almond flour/ground almonds, it’s currently about

  22. CakeBaker says:

    @sugarsmith, thanks for your comment. We have had another look at the price of ‘nuts/almonds’ and found the average price to be

  23. Sandie says:

    This is a fantastic tool. I think I undercharge according to this but it is a good guideline. I do save by buying standard ingredients when they are on special offer. I knew sugar and fruit had gone up but when I used it for my standard Christmas cake was horrified by the difference between this and absolutely accurate costing last year! Anyone wanting my special cakes this year will have to pay more.

  24. shera says:

    I love this tool, but you need to add in icing/confectioner sugar also. And if possible in different currencies

  25. Caroline says:

    This is absolutely Brilliant and so useful. I make for fund raising for charity so helps me to keep track on costs. Love the site keep up the good work it is appreciated.

  26. Tracy says:

    Hi is there a print faciliy on this? by the way… its fab, thank you for this Tracy

  27. CakeBaker says:

    @Tracy – not at the moment but we’ll look into it.

  28. Maria says:

    This is such a useful tool. Can you include mascarpone cheese for tiramisu’?

  29. CakeBaker says:

    Hi Maria. We tend to use the cream cheese price for mascarpone, but you can add it as one of your own ingredients if you know the price (just check the add ingredient button)

  30. Abi says:

    Hi there Thanks for such a usful tool! Can I check – does the ‘cooking time’ incorporate prep time? Thanks

  31. sheila says:

    hi is the price for sugar ,the same for caster sugar & icing sugar?

  32. NADS says:

    Good job on this calculator.. I am guessing that your prices are clearly based on uk costings, and we here would have to nut out the unit price of the Australian products to get this to work here. I have been trailing the net to see how I might do something similar here for me and what program I can use, but… to no avail, are you able to share what sort of program was used/method to get you started on this calculator please

  33. CakeBaker says:

    Hi Sheila – for the purposes of the cakeulator we’ve used the same price for the sugars.

  34. Fairy Mary says:

    This is Brillant, As the above comment, a print or save facility would be really useful but thank you I’ve found it really helpful

  35. Crescent CakeSS says:

    This page shows as last updated 22 June 2011, does this mean that was when the prices were updated?

  36. Crescent CakeSS says:

    Just an addition to the print option, you can copy and paste and then print out if yo want to save a particular costing.

  37. kaydave says:

    to type in the ingredient amounts you just hover the cursor over the box and right click. Nothing appears to happen but you will find you can then type in the amount, it’s odd I agree. As for different currencies, use the English rate shown and recalculate (multiply) using the exchange rate of the day in your area. I live in France, I worked out my euros prices beforehand with a calculator and my shopping bill and then when I did the above, the prices were pretty much the same

  38. Tezbriz says:

    Any news on the iPhone app ???

  39. Francene says:

    Are you planning on creating a version that calculates this into USD?

  40. DecorousCakes says:

    This is an amazing tool; clever concept too. Can I make a plea for the non-iPhone/iPad people among us, please don’t confine your apps to Apple; I have a Windows phone which is fantastic and I wouldn’t change it but the world seems to revolve around the iPhone and I’m sure there are more non-iPhone users than there are users so please remember us when you design the app for this wonderful tool :)

  41. CakeBaker says:

    @DecorousCakes. We are working on a phone app for this. Will keep you posted.

  42. BakerLoooo says:

    What a brilliant idea. I had no idea what to charge for my cakes. And this showed that I was working for about 50p per hour. I have upped my rates slightly and cut out some cost. My aim was always to make a living and not work for free :-)

  43. Lou-lou says:

    This is possibly the best thing ever! Thank you so much! when will the iPhone app be available and how much will it cost?

  44. CakeBaker says:

    @Lou-lou – the iphone app should be about mid to late August all being well! We will keep you posted via this page and our Facebook page

  45. dodfin says:

    amazing! absolutely brilliant!

  46. Sazzy Me says:

    This is an amazing tool! Anyway to convert ot U.S. dollars?

  47. Cupcake says:

    Would love this with a currency converter. Much needed!

  48. CakeBaker says:

    We will have the iphone app released within the next 2 weeks. This will work in Euros, US Dollars and Pounds and has pricing built in for all these currencies. It’s not something we can really do on a web page. The app will also let you send out quotes and save recipes.

  49. Karrin says:

    Hi There, I love this tool but for some reason I am unable to enter the units of kg… am I doing something wrong? i can’t wait for the app to appear… great idea this! Karrin

  50. Charlotte says:

    @Karrin. You have to use the units of measurement that the tool uses. So if you want to calculate something in kg, you would have to convert it to grammes. I too can’t wait for the app!

  51. cupcakequeen says:

    Which supermarkets do you use for your prices? As i buy from a wholesalers in bulk i find the cakeulator gives me a more expensive price than what i would work out myself.

  52. CakeBaker says:

    @cupcakequeen. We use combination of Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys for the UK pricing. When it’s out as an app, you will have the option to add your own ingredients and pricing too, so you’ll be able to factor that in.

  53. Kate says:

    Any news on the app? I can’t wait!

  54. helen says:

    think this a really great idea but hit a small snag, i was trying to cost a cake with brown sugar and i couldn’t find it on your list. would be a great addition alog with a save function

  55. JensCupcakery says:

    That is such a great idea and just used it for the purposes of scones for a wedding! Wish it had been there when I started my cake business, it might have stopped me making some costly errors :-0

  56. CakeBaker says:

    @Helen, thanks for your comment. Brown sugar is on list, it’s in the top section along with the other most common cake ingredients.

  57. San says:

    I hope you have an app for Android too! And where I can add my own pricing as I live in Asia, not UK! :)

  58. Kreative Kakes says:

    Are you planning to have an app for Android users? I hope you create an app for those of us who aren’t slaves to Apple, because the converters would be nice to have if you live outside of the UK, since the web page isn’t set up for it.

  59. sarahsoo says:

    Hi there Please could you add some additional sizes for cake boards, drums and boxes? I often use a 14×16″ cake drum and a 16×16″ box but they’re not there :( Thanks

  60. CakeBaker says:

    @sarahsoo, we’ve added the most popular sizes for the cake drums and boxes. The app which is due out within the next two weeks has the option to add your own ingredients, supplies and tasks.

  61. butterkiss cakes says:

    Hi There – will you be bringing out an APP for android users. I have always used an Iphone but recently changed and wopuld like this app. Thank you

  62. Nana says:

    will you do an version for the USA? we don’t know what a

  63. CakeLover says:

    @Nana – yes it does US dollars too!

  64. Lulubelle says:

    Hi, just downloaded the app and love it but struggling to work out addinG my own prices as I can’t work out the units for each item – and is the price in pounds or pence. For most things it looks like pounds (as in 0.15 being 15p) but not eggs ( they look like 25.07 but when I work it out that’s 25p per egg) Can you help explain please? Thanks

  65. Lulubelle says:

    @ Lulubelle. No the prices are all in pence. So 0.15 is not 15p but 0.15 of a penny. Eg. Polenta is 0.15 per g – making a 500g bag 75p. Good quality free range eggs were

  66. cakesbykatieadams says:

    LOVE the new app!! Only thing is I can’t figure out how to combine two recipes into one quote – for example 12 cupcakes and then italian meringue icing, or an order with a large cake as well as cupcakes – is it possible to do that? Most of my orders are more than one thing so a combined quote is mostly what I need :o)

  67. Lesley says:

    Regarding the profit box – what would you recommend?

  68. Rachel says:

    I would love to have a similar tool for pricing custom designed cakes factoring materials such fondant, gumpaste, ribbon, beads, special display rental fees and decorating time/labor…anything in the works?

  69. CakeBaker says:

    @Rachel. You can do all this with the cakeulator app! Many items and tasks such as gum paste, ribbon, decorations and decorating time are already inbuilt – and you can add any other items and tasks that you think may be missing. So problem solved!

  70. Caz says:

    This app is great-I hope :) Once you have created a recipe and saved it, do the prices within the saved recipe update when I download new data if something has changed? Thanks

  71. Kustard says:

    This is brilliant! Any chance you can add a print or save tab?

  72. Cakebaker says:

    We are working on a new version as we speak with multiple items per quote, cups et as a unit of measurement and print/save. We will update you when it is released. We will keep on refining the CakeUlator. Thanks for being patient.

  73. aggie says:

    Help how do I change the cakeulator from grammes to ounzrs????

  74. Mtrs TPot says:

    Hi Do you have a download for laptop? Thanks Patricia

  75. Bubbles says:

    Hi, I would like to buy the app,but I would like to put in my own prices and ingredients as I live in Nigeria. Is this possible?

  76. Nicks says:

    I’m an android user, and would like to know when this app will be available on google play for purchase. I’ve asked before but I’ve yet to get a response.

  77. cake-e-licious says:

    can we use it via the laptop/computer, i have tryed ur the demo and i want to be using theis asap, but cant

  78. Sava9e says:

    I love using this app it’s so flexible, is there any way to link some of your guides to it like a reference library so I can reference back to ribbon guide while pricing

  79. One Off Occasions says:

    Hi, Am I able to save my quotes to my own fold, for example. So that I don’t have to input the same quantities each time? Thanks, Donna

  80. CakeBaker says:

    @ One off Occasions. On the mobile app you can save all your quotes and recipes. It’s out on iphone/ipad/ipod touch and will soon be available on Android. Look for it in the app store.

  81. bev says:

    When will this be on google play to purchase?

  82. cakes and bakes says:

    Hello I am a tad confused on how to use this… Say 2kg of butter is

  83. lizzie1000 says:

    Can you tell me why your Cakeometer works in fl ounces/ounces but when I use your online version of the Cakeulator it works in ml/grams?

  84. TasteE says:

    I would like this tool, but would prefer to use it on my computer and not my iphone. Is it available for computer?

  85. Lou says:

    Iv used the online tool several times before and find it very good but now it keeps jumping to the app store despite me being on my laptop not phone/android!!! Does the online tool no longer work?? Its very frustrating

  86. Kotek says:

    I have downloaded the app for the iPhone, but find the screen too small. Are you bringing out a version that can be used on a computers (both Windows and Apple).

  87. Zane says:

    Is this in American measurements like lbs, inches, ounces, cups, tsp, etc? If not, is there one out there?

  88. Zane says:

    Would love to use this app but it is only in British pounds….can use add an option for us please? I live in Georgia!

  89. frustrated app user says:

    ok so i have had this app for a few months now but i still for the life of me cannot work out how to write the pounds and pence in this app when adding your own ingredients so for instance i wanted to add fresh lemons to the ingredients i can do that until it comes to the prices name ok units ok gbp this is where i have the problem it shows as

  90. PipedDelights says:

    Hello, this is so helpful, thank you. Will you consider adding a print function, so you can just print out one page with all your costings on, would really help, cheers x

  91. Nesa says:

    Good day Im from malaysia and I bought this application. But i cant change the currency. Pls update the currency for malaysia also. Thanks

  92. claire says:

    can i use this on my windows phone ? thanks

  93. Karen Anne Pinder says:

    Does cooking time include elecrcity cost?

  94. hafsah says:

    Hiya I’m just abit confused about the section where you type in ingredients quantity and price… can somebody please give me a rough example if I spend £2 on 2kg butter what information would go where ? And also I use 250g for 12 cupcakes

  95. D_Dhillz says:

    Hi, I’d like to buy this app but can the currency be changed to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) as I’m not from UK? Thank you.

  96. D_Dhillz says:

    Hi, I’d like to purchase this app but I need to know if the currency can be changed to Malaysian currency (MYR) as I’m not from UK?
    Thank you.

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