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CakeOmeter: Convert Baking Tin Sizes

Posted 01/09/2012 by Rebecca Cannon

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Introducing The CakeOmeter

So, you don’t own the correct sized tin for your recipe? Maybe you’ve seen a recipe but wanted to make it on a smaller or larger scale?

Problem solved!! All you have to do is simply enter your recipe, the existing and new tin sizes and up pops your new recipe AND new cooking time! Now that’s a clever little App! If you have any thoughts please leave them below…

Download your very own CakeOmeter now

109 Responses to “CakeOmeter: Convert Baking Tin Sizes”

  1. CakesDeluxe says:

    This is fab… Lots of times I have had to convert recipes for different sized tins and never made the right amount. This will stop that happening again… Thanks.

  2. cbeebie says:

    Just did this for the cappucino tray bake recipe – works a treat! Remember to adjust your cooking times a little to make allowance for new size.

  3. Marjiebakes says:

    Hey guys, this works really well. No more taxing conversions to do while I bake!! THANKS!

  4. Rita says:

    This is great! I can never work out the right amount for different sized tins and now I don’t have to – thanks Cakebaker!

  5. shugakayx says:

    Re Cakeo’meter Is it possible to have a similar calculator for adjusting temperatures/cooking times . That would be just absolute heaven.

  6. madeitwithlove says:

    This tool sounds absolutely fantastic providing it is dummy proof (me being the dummy). I’d like to know whether it works for other shaped tins apart from round and square. If it does convert tin shapes then it is the ultimate must have tool for me! Please let me know.

  7. CakeBaker says:

    I’m afraid that we haven’t been able to cover all tin shapes, as most recipes cater for a square or round tin. If you do want to bake using a different shape, you will have to make an approximation. Hope this works out for you. Happy baking!

  8. madeitwithlove says:

    Am I missing something here or is there no on line shop? I’ like to buy the cake o metre but how do I do it? Please help! Thank you

  9. nnm says:

    I tried this for my madeira cake and it did not work.The cake did not rise and is dry in texture.I think I am going to make the usual small cake instead tonight because I promised someone a cake.I am somewhat dissappointed. Hopefully better luck next time.

  10. CakeBaker says:

    The cake’o’meter is a free online tool, so you can use it here but can’t buy it I’m afaid! If you’re looking for a phone app to download, this is not available at the moment. Thanks, Cakebaker

  11. Fran says:

    The converter is great. However how do I calculate the difference in baking time? For example the cake I want to bake is for a 20cm round tin for 4 1/2 to 4 3/4 at 140 c. I want to use a 10cm tin and need to know how long to bake it?? My minds gone blank :(

  12. CakeBaker says:

    @ Fran. If the cake is half the size, the cooking time will be just over half of the original time etc. You should do the usual skewer test to check that a cake is cooked through.

  13. RosyPosy says:

    I LOVE this tool! Thank you so much for making it! My suggestion would be to have the option to save your recipe conversions – I’ve been making the same cakes in all sorts of different sizes and it would be great not to have to type in all the ingredients again and again.

  14. gingerbread girl says:

    If you want to make several same size cakes at the same time is it safe to just multiple the recipe by the number of cake tins? Thanks

  15. CakeBaker says:

    @Gingerbread girl. Yes but make sure you put equal amounts in each tin and bear in mind that if they are on different shelves in the oven, they may cook at different speeds. Also if you cram the tins together in the oven, the air will not be able to circu

  16. CakesbyElisaRose says:

    Hi! I just added a recipe with 225g as the original measure for 3 ingredients and they all showed as 21.5g in the bit below. It converted them to 351.6g, so the conversion part looks right but little bit anxious there is something wrong with the calulator. Other ingredients, like 2 tsps showed as 0.2tsp, or 4 eggs showed as 0.4 eggs. Conversions were also repeated 8 times! Is this a known problem today? (Did a fruit cake at the weekend and calculations were fine.) Thanks, Elisa

  17. CakeBaker says:

    Hi CakesByElizaRose – we’ve just tried it and it seems to be working fine for us. Let us know if it continues acting strangely for you.

  18. Lou says:

    Agree with Rosy Posy, it would be great to either store on line or print off, I tried to copy and paste and it only saved the new ingredients. Thanks for the pan coversion as well – a real help – GREAT site

  19. Moz says:

    Being looking for hours for a site which could tell me this information, really grateful for your help.

  20. KitschnBake says:

    I can’t seem to get this to work today at all, am I missing a ‘submit’ button??

  21. CakeBaker says:

    @kitschnbake. It’s working ok for us – there is no submit button, the new recipe ingredients are just displayed at the end.


    I have all 3″ deep round pans. If I want my 12″ round to be only 2″ high so I can make 2 cakes so the total height would be 4″ & not 6″, how many cups of batter would I need for each pan? I am trying to not have to torte these cakes to fill. I would like the conversions for this same question for 6″. 8″, 10″ & 14″ pans if possible. Thank you so much.

  23. CakeBaker says:

    @KathiesKreations, just type in the different measurements as you want them. ie. Put 2″ deep into the cake-o-meter instead of 3″

  24. Dolce says:

    I entered all my info and tried hitting enter. How do I get the results? I don’t see submit or anything to hit?? Pls help!

  25. CakeBaker says:

    @Dolce You just type in your details in all the fields and your new recipe amounts are displayed automatically at the end.

  26. Tinacake says:

    I dont understand the existing baking tin recipe it means the original recipe we have is for this size of pan?? And the new recipe is the pan we’re actua;y using??Im lost

  27. DaisyCakes says:

    I <3 this tool! It never EVER lets me down =) Thank you. x

  28. CakeBaker says:

    @Tinacake. If your baking tin is not the size that the recipe you want to use suggests, then you will have to change the ingredient amounts accordingly. That’s where this tool comes in handy.
    Key in the original recipe ingredients and the o

  29. splutty says:

    Hi, is there an enter button? I have put my ingredients in, cake tin size etc but no enter button visible. Also does anyone know how long to cook a 10″ cake for and on what heat??? many thanks

  30. Adele says:

    Cooking times: I normally make my lemon drizzle cake in a 9″ by 2″ round baking tin, I cook it for 45-50 mins at 160. I need to make the same cake but in a 12″ by 12″ by 3.5″ square tin How long will I need to cook it for and do I use the same oven Temperature? Thank you in advance Adele

  31. cakelady says:

    This is a really brilliant tool, i could,t have managed to work out the quantities for the 12 tier wedding cake i made, without it ! Thankyou so much

  32. chooch says:

    what am I doing wrong? I put in all the ingredients, shape, height and size of tin – and the answer I got was butter Infinity kg lemons Infinity each sugar Infinity kg s r flour Infinity kg pl flour Infinity gram eggs Infinity each Help!!! I’ve got a 12″ square tin and need to know quantities!

  33. VeganGal says:

    I’m having a different problem, I have a recipe that doesn’t specify what size cake tins to use, I have been using 1 22.5cm diameter cake tin, and the amount of batter seems fine for a one layer cake. To make a double layer cake in two 22.5cm diameter cake tins would I just double the amounts of ingredients? Although then I’d be using 6 eggs! seems abit extreme!

  34. laxmum85 says:

    Hi I thought that there should be a submit button but all boxes must be filled ie including depth of tin box, the results are shown immediately then. Could do with a similar one foe converting cooking times as well. About to cook a wedding cake consisting of all three tiers being the same recipe but am unsure re cooking times.e

  35. joyous says:

    Love this cake meter would love it if we had cooking time,can’t have everything

  36. jabellescakes says:

    entered all required fields….all I got back was recipe is scaled at 3.8 times…what the??? not understanding….needed 20cm round to 37cm to square…

  37. Wendown says:

    Hi don,t understand converting from 9″ round to 12″ square only getting half the recipe

  38. YummyCakes says:

    @Wendown Check you have chosen “inches” in both the round and square option!

  39. Wendy Downton says:

    Have tried again put 9 ingredients in got five back help

  40. Wendy Downton says:

    Yeah got it to work did not realise I need to imput the 1/2 ect as .5 wished it had said so at the top took me ages to work it out duh!!!!!!!

  41. Bromsgrove Baking Ba says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this tool!!! :o)

  42. Ann says:

    I only get 3 ingredients to change, what about the rest and the main such as the flour?

  43. eyejs says:

    can you do please do an app for this cakeometer- iPad version would be good so we can use it in the kitchen.

  44. abcakes1 says:

    It seems that when I select “cup” as the measurement, it does not convert the ingredient. Let me know if I did something wrong. Thanks for this great tool!

  45. Ginny says:

    If I increase my ingredients by 2.5 how much longer should I cook the sponge for

  46. CakeBaker says:

    @eyejs – yes we are working on the CakeOmeter app right now – it promises to be another fantastic one!

  47. CakeBaker says:

    @Ginny – this is a question we’re often asked. Without knowing what your temperatures, recipe ingredients and over temp are we cannot say. What we can tell you is that we’re hoping to include a cooking time convertor in the cakeOmeter app when it’s out. W

  48. douges says:

    This is a great tool. The only improvement I can suggest is that it needs to understand fractional inputs eg. 1/3 cup. While entering as decimal is OK, how do you measure 3.7 cups. Perhaps it could convert the original cup measure to grams, multiply by the scaling ratio and (possibly) convert back to cups as a fraction to the nearest 1/4 or 1/3 cup?

  49. booboo says:

    What would the cooking time be and oven temperature be for this quantity of cake mixture. Normally for 300gms of each ingredient I bake 0n 180 for approx 25 mins

  50. Vivacass says:

    I would pay for an app like this!

  51. Lara says:

    I’m trying to reduce a cake from a round 12″ to 9″. The measurements it gives doesn’t add up. It halves the ingredients. Surely it is slightly more than half for a 9″ round? I put in 10 eggs on original recipe and it says 5.7 needed. Example: 650g flour or butter or plain chocolate = 325 g of everything needed. Is this right please? Expensive to make if it isn’t right. Thank you!

  52. Jude says:

    I’m looking for a recipe for a giant cupcake does anyone have a recipe and quantities that they would be willing to share. Many thanks

  53. AshbyAlly says:

    Fantastic App., but I wish it was possible to print out the recipe without all the web page menus, etc. on to save paper and ink, like other site ‘print only’ views. I got round the waste issues by only printing page 2, but that’s not totally acceptable as you lose some details.

  54. Lushcakes says:

    My conversion is saying ‘Infinity gram’ what does that mean please?

  55. caz says:

    I cant seem to get this to work at all… I must be doing something wrong…Help

  56. MissHoney says:

    Thank you for this brilliant tool. I am a professional cake maker and this is wonderful for converting obscure recipes to larger or smaller tins. I would pay for an app version!

  57. Sweet T & Cake says:

    I love this tool. I just converted my chocolate mud recipe from a 4inch round up to a 14inch round and the same again in a sqaure using just the 8 inch round recipe I have. So easy to follow and ive chekced it and it’s right on the money. No more wasting ingredients for me :-)

  58. Baker Barb says:

    This is brilliant, worked perfectly – I just wish there was a way to print it out with a “print friendly” button!

  59. robbo says:

    I need to convert a recipie to make a sponge cake in an 11 inch hexagonal pan, how do I do this???

  60. Rachael says:

    This is AWESOME!!! I just converted a square 10in recipe to a 13×15 in rectangle. Thank you soooo much would love an ap to download! For those only getting half of your recipe check that you have entered the quantities as a decimal (eg 2.5 cups) not a fraction (2 1/2 cups) I had the same thing and when I changed to decimal it listed them all.

  61. Charlie says:

    Hi, This is great! Thank you for this! One question though. what does 3.3 pcs of eggs mean? 1.2 tsp or 1.6 tsp? Is it safe to round these off to the nearest hundred? like, 3.3 pcs to 3 eggs; 1 tsp instead of 1.2 or 2 tsp instead of 1.6? Appreciate your response.

  62. Sandie says:

    I think you may have saved me from disgrace. Couldn’t convert up or down for tin sizes, so this is wonderful! Can I round up 112.5g of SRF ect to 113 or do I round down. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. x

  63. Maggie says:

    Great tool, thanks. The recipe I am trying to convert makes 2 x 20 cm cakes for a Victoria Sandwich. Therefore, if I convert, will this then make 2 x the selected tin size? Also, would I use the same oven temperature and cooking time? Thanks again, sure I will use this calculator a lot!!

  64. Bluestocking 21 says:

    Thank you so very very much, what a fantastic tool!x was a bit confused about the cooking time, but as I gather you have to use the same cooking time as original cooking time, but turn the cake half way through cooking to ensure even cooking. Once again thank you so very much, you are a Cake Meter Angel!x

  65. Bazza says:

    I agree with most of the comments that this is a very good tool but I do have one issue with it. It’s not 100% accurate, by that I mean after you have added all your ingredients and tin sizes you get the new amounts and it tells you by what percent it scaled it up or down e.g. 8 inch down to 6 inch scaled 0.60 so if you put in 100 grams of any ingredient in it will give you 56.3 grams but 0.60 is actually 60 grams same thing for 8 inch upto 10 inch scaled 1.6= 156.3 should be 160 grams! I’m probably being pedantic but it’s just simple maths.

  66. alice says:

    I worked with cakeometer some time ago, but now I cant do it,please help me. Thanks. Alice Pinto

  67. jules says:

    need a simple butter cake recipe using cups and teaspoon measures. Ingredients flour, eggs, milk, butter sugar and vanilla. for people.

  68. Sue says:

    When you next update your Cakeometer app, please can you allow for metric cake tin sizes like you do on this site, and let users add their own custom cake tin sizes? I use these tools (particularly the Cakeulator) all the time, but the Cakeometer app isn’t quite right just yet! Marks out of 10: 9 for Cakeulator app, but only 3 for Cakeometer app for now. Both online tools (here on your site) get a 10 out of 10!

  69. Jaxstar says:

    Can you tell me how many eggs should I use if it says 11.8? I assume it would be 12! What if the recipe says use 10.4 eggs? Should you use 10? Other than the egg conversion – this is great!

  70. Adi says:

    I love my cakeulator app, but this one I have found to be too inaccurate. I just converted a sponge recipe for a 17x27x7cm “square” that I use regularly to a 35cmx7cm round and the result was too small by almost half. Having never used a tin this large I had hoped this would have saved the guess work but after doing some basic maths to establish why the result seemed way too small, the volume of my round tin should be almost 21 cups not the 11 cups given by the conversion?

  71. ann says:

    Not accurate at all! I did the sizing up from 9 to 10 inches and the batter was too oily and was so disappointing ! Besides, how am I supposed to measures eggs from 3 to 3.7???

  72. maryharri says:

    Thanks for a very useful tool. Regarding eggs, I have found it useful to tweek the height of the tin in the calculation table until it gives a reading for whole eggs eg. my ‘new’ tin size of 7cm height came up as needing 7.5 eggs, but by gradually tweeking down the tin height by, trial and error, to 6.55 cm it came to 7 eggs.

  73. DoubleS says:

    I used this to upscale from 7 inch to 8, 9, and 10 inch sponge recipes with no problems.

  74. calgirl97 says:

    I can’t seem to get this to convert for me, what am I doing wrong? X by all ingredients but one?

  75. love2bake says:

    What if your recipe yields two 8 inch pans?

  76. buddy says:

    Hi i’ve put all the igredients in for a 6inch round cake tin but am wantimg to icrease it to a 8 inch round cake tin but nothing happens when i’ve finished your list. Am i doing something wrong . Am wanting to make my wedding cake and am stuck with out the new weight for my ingrdients. Thanks L Bowers

  77. CakeBaker says:

    @Buddy. We’ve just checked this and it definitely works. Just add your ingredients then put 6 inches in the existing tin space and 8 inches in the new tin space. You new recipe shows at the bottom.

  78. Mary says:

    The CakeOmeter was excellent scaling up from on 8″ to 10″ cake tin. However the most important part was the cooking TIME , but there was no mention of how long to cook the cake ! I saw a comment about turning the cake halfway thru the normal cooking cycle however as far as I know one cannot open the oven during te cake cooking process ..hence I still don’t know how long to cook this chocolate cake ! HELP !

  79. Amy says:

    Hi…I was trying to figure out how much time it took to convert a coconut cake recipe into cupcakes and it did not work for me. Maybe I have too many ingredients? Thanks for any info you can give me:)

  80. buddy says:

    Hi i most really be doing something wrong. Put every thing in plus the cake tin size from 6inch to 8inch nothing happens am i ment to click on something else.

  81. Aggie says:

    I have just been on your cakeometer and love but have a query! It has converted an 8inch round cake to a 10inch round cake but some of the ingredients are odd like for the 10inch it says to use 4.7 eggs is it best to use 5 or 4 1/2 some of the other ingredients are odd too so do you suggest to round up or down.Thank you for your help

  82. chocydolly says:

    Hi! What happened to this app? I can’t find it in the AppStore anymore. :(

  83. N says:

    It doesn’t ask but what if the original recipe makes 2 or 3 cakes? Most recipes don’t just make one 8 or 9 inch round cake but may make 2 or 3. How do I account for that when trying to convert to a different size pan?

  84. CW says:

    I think this calculator will be fantastic for allowing me to scale up a Christmas cake recipe to 3 tiers for a wedding cake. However, like many of your previous customers, I am wondering whether you just round up or down the fractions of grammes, teaspoons , mls and whole eggs to make it practical for weighing and measuring the new recipe ingredients? I presume the tolerances are such, especially in a fruit cake, that it won’t make much difference to the finished results.I am wondering now about cooking times for the larger cakes.Thanks.

  85. angie says:

    hiya, im making a chocolate cake and have no problems with entering the ingredients, it seems like an excellent app. i am only confused at the bottom where it states new recipe. is this the extra amount i add to my existing recipe? It surely cant be the new recipe? your comments would greatly help before i make a kitchen disaster! ha! : )

  86. angie says:

    i’ve got it! my mistake! i put the tin sizes in wrong? oop! thanks for this app, i’m sure it will help me lots now! haha! off to bake a cake now X

  87. bellevueace says:

    the app worked well converting the measures but what about the cooking time?

  88. Alex says:

    Yes, love the app but no cooking times shown. I am now trying to convert from 2 sandwich tins as I don’t want to include a filling but want to make one large cake. Can you help?

  89. Polly says:

    Could you give me a guide to convert round tin sizes to the equivalent square tin. Many thanks, Polly

  90. postie says:

    this seems so easy – thanks – when I got my quantities, converting from small round to large square amounts seemed enormous then noticed original rounds were for two separate cakes so just halved the amounts given – haven’t tried yet but seems to be about right.

  91. malcy says:

    Hi there found this brilliant for my needs, my sister wants me to make her wedding cake as its going to be a 4 tier this has worked a treat but I was wondering if you could help me with the cooking times aswell as im not to sure about that if possible I recently did a 6″ x 6″ x 3″ trial of madeira cake and that took around 1hr 50mins at gas mark 4 im going to be doing a 8×8 10×10 and 12×12 if you could help me with this I would be so grateful thank you

  92. Carol says:

    This is just awesome the days of me trying to work it out myself are now history, brilliant idea thanks you thank you. Off to start my twin daughters three tier game of thrones 18th birthday cake, using the tins I already had thus saving myself cash on buying new ones.

  93. ninja 1200 says:

    Whats Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely helpful and it has aided me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & aid other customers like its helped me. Great job.

  94. Brian Gard says:

    When will there be an App. for this excellent product for the other mobile phone other than I-phones would love to have this on my Galaxy S4

    • CakeBaker says:

      Hi Brian, we are currently concentrating on our website – It is possible that we will make more Android Apps but not anytime soon.

  95. Linda says:

    Like everyone else I LOVE this!! But it seems the length of time to increase or decrease is somewhat of an issue. My usual Christmas fruit cake is 8″ and cooks for 3 – 3.5 hours. I am now using the same recipe for a 3 tier wedding cake … 12″, 9″ and 6″ and I have no idea how to calculate the times. Can anyone help please?

    • CakeBaker says:

      Hi Linda, Enter the recipe for the 8″ and the cooking time – then enter the new tin size (you’ll have to do this for each of the tins, 12″, 9″ and 6″). The new cooking time will be shown in the ‘New Cooking Time’ box

  96. Elaine Henderson says:

    I am a real amateur but making a wedding cake for my daughter, so am really grateful for this converter, it has saved so much angst!Thank you very much.

  97. Joannie says:

    Great site thank you. I’m about to use a recipe that calls for a cake tin of 20cm but doesn’t specify the depth. I’m in France and the nearest tin I can find is 23cm and 5cm in depth. What depth should I assume the 20cm tin is?

  98. Joy Faucheux says:

    Brilliant site, saved me loads of time whilst making the wedding cake for my Sons wedding. Thanks great job :)

  99. Sarah says:

    I don’t understand the conversion. If I put in 3 cups flour for an 8 inch cake to convert to a 12 inch pan, it gives me a conversion of 6.8 cups. What is 6.8 cups? How do I measure that out? It would be better if the conversion told actual cups or a combination of cups and tsp/Tbsp if needed. Or even 2.3 tsp. I don’t know how to measure that out. I put the cups in as grams thinking this would help but the convertor said it was scaled 2.3 times, but when I multiplied my grams by 2.3, I got a different number than the convertor.

  100. shaun says:

    Thanks for this but I can’t see a “new cooking time ” box

  101. Anne-marie says:

    Hi the ingredients have been converted from an 8 to 10 inch tin what does the point something mean though on the ingredients for example 6.3 each eggs?

  102. Joy says:

    A maderia recipe using 7oz flour, 6oz butter, 6oz caster sugar, 3 eggs, 2oz gr almonds & 1 zest & juice of lemon. I use a loaf tin for this 4.5inx8.5x.2.5in but I want to upsize to a 10″ and 12″ square?
    What proportions to use please?

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