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Part 8 – Creating Your Cake Portfolio

Posted 14/05/2014 by CakeBaker

Part 8 - Build a Portfolio x200

Creating Your Cake Portfolio

Creating a cake portfolio is a great way to promote and sell your cakes. You don’t need high resolution shots – an ordinary digital camera or even your smartphone will do a good enough job.

The best time to take a great snap of your latest creation is as soon as you’ve added the final touches because that’s when it’s going to look its best. Don’t take a picture of your cake in the box, it doesn’t look good, trust us!

Take your picture where the cake was made and not at the venue, this way if the cake is damaged during transit, or when you get there you just don’t have time to get your camera out, you already have your perfect picture.

Set the scene by positioning your cake in a good source of natural light, near a window is best. Turn off the flash on your camera and if you have one use a tripod. Let the daylight highlight your cake for you.

You can brighten, adjust and crop your pictures later on using photo editing software, there are hundreds out there and many are free. If you’ve taken pictures with your Smartphone there are some fantastic Apps which you can download for free.

Show your cake off, take pictures from different angles so you can highlight each feature while giving your customers a different view of your cake. If your cake isn’t on a board use a cake stand to position it while taking your pictures.

When photographing cupcakes try to get them looking simple and neat by placing them in rows – remember not in the box! This is going to provide the best pictures as your decorations and details will stand out. As with other cakes, take pictures from different angles to get the best shot.

Really bring your pictures to life by using the right background for your cake. A white background works great for detailed intricate cakes it also helps reflect light just as pastel coloured backgrounds work well with baby shower cakes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with coloured backgrounds until you find the right one, you’d be surprised how different colours complement different cakes.  Remember the main light source should be directly behind you!

Another great way to play with backgrounds is by using pieces of wallpaper or craft paper behind your cake. You can always add small props into the picture – just be careful not to detract from your cake. If your cake has a ‘vintage’ theme use vintage style paper or items in the background. If your cake is for a rustic wedding stand your cake on piece of wood or use it as your background.

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