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Part 16 – Pricing Products Correctly

Posted 09/09/2014 by CakeBaker

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It’s not as tricky as you think!

It’s essential to know your product inside and out, and that includes costs.  To price up, you must include your own time, cooking time (and gas or electricity), ingredients and packaging.  Fortunately, we’ve designed a handy tool to do it all for you.

CakeBaker’s CakeUlator is an app for Android and iPhone.  You just tap in your ingredients (prices are checked every 30 days using major  supermarkets), cooking time, preparation time, decorating time and even shopping time. Add a profit margin and the app will swiftly calculate the price for your cake.  You can even email or text the quotation straight to your customer from the app. Lots of currencies and over 100 ingredients make it a super-versatile tool to have when you’re starting out.

What CakeUlator Fans Say…

“Thank you so much for this very clever app! I’m just starting out in the baking for money world and it has helped me so much”

“This app is absolutely wonderful. Used it for the first time and pricing has never been so easy especially the part of paying myself, charging for all the tasks etc – I love that I can adapt it to my own recipe”.

“Can I just say how brilliant this app is? Thank you so much for developing it, we have been waiting a while but it is 110% worth the wait!”

Coming soon… Part 17 Taking Orders and Deposits

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