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Part 15 – Source your Suppliers

Posted 21/07/2014 by CakeBaker


What’s Best?

For a good cake, you need to start off with Good Quality, Fresh Ingredients. You may choose to use organic but, apart from that, there are other choices you can make that will affect the finished product in taste, appearance and texture.


Ingredients will be one of your biggest costs, so do your research.  Free range eggs are essential: find local farm shops and test their eggs for freshness and taste.  There is an easy way to see if your eggs are fresh… Gently place the egg into a bowl of cold water, the water should be two times higher than the egg : FRESH EGGS will sink to the bottom and are safe to eat. BAD EGGS will float to the surface and are best avoided.

It’s a good principle to buy locally, supporting your own community and economy. You might be able to negotiate bulk buying rates with local suppliers. Organic flour can be bought in huge sacks direct from suppliers – some good ones are Sharpham Park and Doves Farm. But be careful storing flour and other dry goods: large, airtight bins are essential. Be sure you’ll use the flour while it is still fresh.

The other type of supplies you’ll need is packaging, boxes, drums and boards. These are all available in bulk from online suppliers like The Cake Decorating Company and The Bakers Cupboard  but shop around a get yourself the best deal you possibly can.

Use By and Best Before Dates

Always remember to check Use By and Best Before Dates, they are there for a reason – even if it looks and smells fine! Out of date produce can put your health and your customers health at risk.

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