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Part 14 – How to Network in the Cake Industry

Posted 21/07/2014 by CakeBaker

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The Benefits of Networking…

The cake industry is friendly and pleasant, and networking can provide many benefits.  Start reading British Baker magazine or website for information about events, and see which you might attend – perhaps at first just as a spectator. There are some big ones, notably Cake International (three times a year) and the Cake and Bake Show.  Don’t rule out lifestyle, seasonal and country shows either – potentially lots of your customers will be there.

Join some local business organisations. There’s always an opportunity to network locally, through breakfast clubs or chambers of commerce, and you’ll find lots of business-people have catering requirements.  Your local chamber of commerce can be an excellent source of support as you start up in business: when times are tough, you’ll find someone who’s been through it.

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