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Part 13 – Make a Website in 6 Easy Steps

Posted 27/06/2014 by CakeBaker

webssite  Just three websites where you can design your own beautiful website using drag-and-click skills, no technical knowledge necessary.  It’s incredibly simple these days to build a website, choosing from dozens of free templates in all kinds of styles. Sign up for a free account and start tinkering – you’ll be surprised how simple it is.

The only outlay you’ll have to make is for hosting.  This means buying an URL (the web address, like and paying for the space you’ll need, plus one or more email addresses. is a straightforward and reliable hosting provider, but there are lots out there – shop around.

Find an URL that isn’t already occupied – once you have a shortlist of names you’d like, check their availability at a site like 123-reg.  If you choose a web address it’s worth checking out what’s at the .com version (to see what your customers will see if they mistype the address).  Now you’ve bought an URL you can get on with text and design!

When writing text for your website, it’s a good idea to include keywords.

Optimising means using keywords to make your website search friendly. It improves your ranking on search results, so you’ll appear higher up the page when someone searches for something like “cupcake delivery”.

Make a list of key words that your customers might use if they were searching for a cupcake website. If you are targeting local shoppers, your key words (or phrases) might be: “Cupcakes Swansea”, “Bakery Mumbles”, and “Wedding Cupcakes Swansea”. (Omit words like ‘and’, ‘in’ and ‘at’, which are ignored by search engines.) You will need to include these words on your web pages – pick one or two for each page, and include it at a rate of about 3-5% (three to five times per hundred words). Also put it into the URL, if possible, and the page header (the Title across the top of the browser).

Colour counts.  Web experts recommend using 3-5 colours for your website, and natural shades are usually thought to be more attractive.  When producing product shots, avoid bright colours in the background – make your cake the star.  Text is best kept to black on a white background, with an optimum line length of around 12 words.  Use short sentences and convey your enthusiasm and expertise.  Be confident!  It’s time to click ‘Publish’!  

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