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Part 12 – Top Tips for Social Marketing

Posted 26/06/2014 by Rebecca Cannon


Top Tips for Social Marketing

  • Pick a name with key words in it. Maggie’s Creations is not very search-friendly; Maggie’s Cakes and Sugarcraft is better. Once you’ve picked a name, use it for all your accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Now you have social media accounts, be sure to promote them everywhere. You can have live Twitter and Facebook feeds on your website. Make images on your website ‘pinnable’ by adding the Pin It button – just visit Pinterest to get the code.
  • Don’t forget real-world promotion. Put your Facebook page and Twitter name on your business cards. You can even use promotional items like paper bags and car stickers to advertise your pages.
  • Cross-link between pages, especially Twitter and Facebook. Refer fans over to see more pictures or event updates. The aim is to get people ‘liking’ or following your page, ideally all of them.
  • Create Pinterest boards for inspiration in your area of interest. Your product pictures are good, but mini photo-tutorials are better.
  • Once you’ve created social media pages, start networking.  Think “what do my readers want?”.  This could be workshops, tutorials, inspiration, or giveaways.
  • It is a good idea to strategise.  List your goals (sell more kids’ birthday cakes), break them down into feasible objectives (sell kids’ cakes by targeting parents and kids at the primary school) and then create social media strategies to achieve them. (You could give out Facebook cards at the gates, then hold a cake decorating workshop at the school fete, which could be advertised on Facebook and afterwards celebrated in a FB photo gallery. You could also prompt orders by keeping your FB and Twitter followers updated on each week’s birthday cakes.)
  • Track your campaigns to see what is most successful. Which day of the week brings more comments? What topics get the most discussion?
  • On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can get more followers by reaching out to your existing followers’ networld.  What makes people share a pic or tweet?
  • Incentives (competition entry), humour or novelty (Halloween grave cupcakes), or simple photo tutorials.
  • Photo tutorials are extremely popular on Pinterest, especially if it’s a 3-part photo with simple steps.  Can you produce some during the course of your work?
  • Don’t forget the potential for market research. You can test ideas for new ventures (like workshops or cupcake delivery) by initiating online discussion. “Who would like a tutorial for sugarpaste orchids?” or “Anybody in the Tiverton area interested in a spring cupcake demo?”

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