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Part 11 – Promoting your Business Online

Posted 25/06/2014 by Rebecca Cannon


Want loads of free exposure?

Social media (the term for sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) is a fabulous place to promote your cakes. It’s free and it’s easy – once you get started. Here’s what to do…

  • Create a Facebook page (home> pages> create a page). Perfect for posting pictures of cakes-in-progress and event updates.
  • Set up a Pinterest board (home> sign up> Are you a business> create your profile, including your logo and a business description) to display your portfolio snaps.
  • Create an Instagram account (use your smart phone to access it via Google Play or App Store) to take pictures of cakes and decorating techniques.
  • Create a Twitter account (get the app through App Store or Google Play). Great for connecting with other bakers and offering instant advice on cupcake dilemmas!

Twitter has its own etiquette, and the best way to learn is to observe. So create an account, follow some cake bakers, and see how they do it. Using hash tags (#) means your tweets will be found by people searching for the same thing. (Your company name probably won’t be a great hashtag, but #chocolatecake would be.) Searching for your own Twitter name (@cakebaker) will show you any comments that have been made at or about you!

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  1. Megan Raye says:

    Thanks, this gave me a couple of good ideas, so much appreciated!

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